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Preparing a Mechanical Mini Projects

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Preparing for a Mechanical Mini Projects, is very important for all final year engineering students. To meet the goals of a great project, one must structure their work properly. A guideline for the stages of the project include writing a project proposal. The proposal should describe the problem to be investigated to a greater length. While following the objectives and the data collected. The data collected should be reliable and valid. It can be   collected through the interview techniques,  the  filling in of questionnaires, experiments, recording of the observed information, online search or through analysis of documentaries. The data should be analyzed and be presented in a clear manner. The conclusions should be drawn clearly and where necessary, the future proposed investigation should be identified. These projects must be presented and defended orally and before lastly finalizing the projects report. The process should be checked by a supervisor who performs and  ensures production of quality project by identifying deficiencies in the project. It is said that knowing a problem very well is having half the solution. Therefore, a project that has proper problem description with clearly defined objectives eases the rest of the projects work. Engineering in Kenya has more articles.

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Physics in Kenya

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In Physics in Kenya, gravity can be defined as a force that binds together progressively larger structures from star to galaxy to super cluster and may be drawing them towards the great attractor. Please read our other articles in Business Training in Kenya .The force not only holds you on earth, but also reaches out across intergalactic space according to Physics in Kenya. Please read our articles in Business Training in Kenya

Physicists on Gravitation for Physics in Kenya

Physicists like to study seemingly unrelated phenomena to show that a relationship can always be found if they are examined closely enough. This search for unification has been going on for centuries. For example, in 1665, Isaac Newton made a simple and yet very significant contribution to physics when he showed that the force that holds the moon in its orbit is the same force that makes an apple fall.

We take this so much for granted now that it is not easy for us to comprehend the ancient belief that the motions of earth bound bodies and heavenly bodies were different in kind and were governed by different laws according to Physics in Kenya.

Newton concluded that not only does earth attract an apple and the moon but every body in the universe attracts every other body: this tendency of bodies moving towards each other is called gravitation in Physics in Kenya. Newton’s conclusion takes a little getting used to because the familiar attraction of earth for earthbound bodies is so great that it overwhelms the attraction that earthbound bodies have for each other.

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Mechanical Seal Shaft

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A Mechanical Seal Shaft is involved in all pumps containing rotating shafts. They usually form a barrier between the pump and the surrounding hence minimizing leakages. There are various shafts seals that reflect the diversity of the pump industry. A properly designed and installed mechanical seals improves the pump performance greatly. Engineering in Kenya has more articles.

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Mechanical Fuel Injection

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Fuel injection is a system which involves mixing of fuel with air in the internal combustion engine; Mechanical Fuel Injection (MFI) refers to the metering functions of the fuel injection. The design of the system and the calibration has been made specifically for the types of the fuel the system handles. The most common fuel injection systems are those for gasoline and diesel. Recent technology has brought about electronic fuel injection; however, the two systems function in the similar manner. Engineering in Kenya has more articles. 

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Shigley’s Mechanical Engineering Design Shigley’s Mechanical Engineering Design (McGraw-Hill Series in Mechanical Engineering)

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Shigley’s Mechanical Engineering Design  (McGraw-Hill Series in Mechanical Engineering)  is one of the best books in Mechanical Engineering. It is the work of three authors, and as such, very thorough and comprehensive. The authors have a broad engineering experience and thus present the information in a clear and easy to understand manner. The book can be easily purchased from Amazon and be shipped to the user. This article explains what exactly should be known by the buyer prior to purchasing this book. Engineering in Kenya has more articles.

Shigleys Mechanical Engineering Design McGraw Hill Series in Mechanical Engineering1 Shigleys Mechanical Engineering Design Shigleys Mechanical Engineering Design  (McGraw Hill Series in Mechanical Engineering)

Shigley's Mechanical Engineering Design

Authorship, Shipping and Pricing of Shigley’s Mechanical Engineering Design  (McGraw-Hill Series in Mechanical Engineering)

This is an engineering book that has been authored by three people: Richard Budynas, Joseph Edward Shigley and Keith Nisbett. It has at least ten customer reviews and several likes on Facebook. At Amazon, it is sold as a hard cover book at the cost of 173.53 US Dollars per copy.

It can be shipped for free with super saving shipping. There are 39 new copies and 20 use ones in stock. It can be shipped from Amazon and is also sold at the same site. For students, there is a 2 day offer for free shipping.

The three authors who worked on Shigley’s Mechanical Engineering Design (McGraw-Hill Series in Mechanical Engineering) have diverse experience both in engineering and in authorship of similar materials. Richard G. Budynas has written three other books.

They include Roark’s Formulas for Stress and Strain, Advanced Strain and Applied Stress analysis and Mechanical Engineering Design (McGraw-Hill mechanical Engineering). All these have numerous customer reviews indicating the quality of the author’s work.

Joseph Edward Shigley has been writing since 1976. He has so far written about 8 books in total. These are Theory of machines and mechanisms, Standard handbook of machine Design, Mechanical engineering design (McGraw-Hill Series in mechanical engineering), Applied mechanics for materials, Mechanical Engineering design, Mechanical engineering design (McGraw-Hill Mechanical engineering), Mechanical engineering Design: Metric edition, and Shigley’s Mechanical Engineering Design (McGraw-Hill Series in Mechanical Engineering). The third author, Keith Nisbett is also a renowned author who has sufficient experience in engineering.

Customer Review information on Shigley’s Mechanical Engineering Design (McGraw-Hill Series in Mechanical Engineering)

The book has concrete examples presented in a clear way regarding the applications of various equations and properties within the text.  It is one of those books that can only be used by an active reader since the authors cause the user to o an extra mile to be able to grasp what has been put across.

Besides, Shigley’s Mechanical Engineering Design (McGraw-Hill Series in Mechanical Engineering) helps the reader to carry out an analysis of complex parts. It is a book that any Mechanical Engineering major should purchase. The first section comprises of the material components that many parts are made of.

The second section provides a profound analysis of static loading plus the concentration factors of stress. The next part deals with the fatigue analysis of parts. This covers shear on beams, gear teeth and stress on bearings. The fatigue analysis of transmission is well covered at the end. Generally, the book is very helpful in many ways within the field of Mechanical Engineering. The tables and formulas in it are easily accessible. A serious Mechanical Engineering student should have this book within their shelves.

Product details of Shigley’s Mechanical Engineering Design (McGraw-Hill Series in Mechanical Engineering)

The hardcover form of this book has 1104 pages. It has been published by McGraw-Hill Science/Engineering/Math. This is the ninth edition of the book and its publication date is January 29, 2010. It has been published in English language. The ISBN number is given as ISBN-10: 0073529281 and ISBN-13: 978-0073529288.

The dimensions of Shigley’s Mechanical Engineering Design (McGraw-Hill Series in Mechanical Engineering) are 9.9 X 8.3 X 1.6 inches. The shipping weight is 4.6 pounds and the book is ranked as number 58, 401 in books, among the Amazon best sellers.

Therefore, bearing in mind all this information, the best book for any engineering student is definitely Shigley’s Mechanical Engineering Design   (McGraw-Hill Series in Mechanical Engineering).




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Mechanical components

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Mechanical components form an important segment in the scientific and engineering industry.  All the parts that are used in the assembly of the mechanical system are included in this segment. They comprise of a wide range of equipments and devices which have been designed to handle, drive or induce mechanical systems. Mechanical components used in majority of the application which require the ability to be independently functional.

Mechanical Components Mechanical componentsThe Variety of Mechanical Components

The industry of mechanical components comprises of a variety of individual devices which when brought together perform as a single unit. There are popular mechanical components that include:

Bearings and bushings: Bearings are the mechanical equipments that are used in the provision of load support and carries load for rotary or linear motion and reduces friction. While bushings are cylindrical lining that are designed to reduce friction and are worn inside a hole or that constrict and also restrain the motion of mechanical parts.

Belts and pulleys: Both of these mechanical components are used mainly in the drive and transmission systems. Their use is to transmit rotary motion and/ or change the input to out speed ratios.

Clutches: clutches are a type of drive components that are utilized in transmitting and controlling power and the relative motion between the rotating shafts. Their examples comprise of Automatic clutches, Electric clutches, Auto motive Clutches, Industrial clutches, and Hydraulic clutches, pneumatic clutches, mechanical clutches and torque limiters.

Gears: Gears are as well indispensable mechanical components of the mechanical equipments industry. Their examples include all the power transmission gear types and the reducers, materials and geometry, that include the Metric and English designs.

Mechanical fasteners: This is a mechanical components segment that includes all the screw and bolts which carry pout the purpose of holding by force a machine in place. The most commonly used components are such as the screws, bolts, rivets, nuts and clips, they secure a given part of the machine to a different one.

The power transmission components: power components refer to all the classifications of mechanical components that are used in securing shafts and transmitting power throughout the drive systems, such as the lock nuts, gear as well as other couplings.

The springs, shock vibration control products, solenoids, pulleys belts, seals, mechanical fasteners hardware, industrial tools, limit switches, dampers, gaging shop tools, couplings, brakes, chain sprockets and bellows are many other mechanical components that are not mentioned with the already mentioned ones but important as much.

The Part You Play in Ensuring That Water Does Not Damage Your Motor’s Mechanical Components

Water can leave a lasting damage on your car’s mechanical components. Most cars, trucks and SUVs that are flood damaged, are simply sent to the salvage yard, while others are cleaned up and placed into the auto market where they are damped on unsuspecting buyers who walk away thinking of the great deal they are about to close.

Due to the damage the electrical and mechanical components are certain to fail early. But hoping this is not your case, you still have to take a part in ensuring that the flood does not damage your motor’s mechanical components.

Look for moisture and dirt; look carefully for trapped moisture inside the dome light and other lights. Open up the glove compartment, console the trunk and inspect them to find out if there is any sign of dampness or the gritty dirt that is left behind by a flood. Then check under the hood for any accumulated dirt or signs of rust, finally slid your hand under the seats to check for any signs of the moisture.

Take a sniff: Does it smell of a sour, mildew-like odor? Carpeting, Soaked seats as well as other components are quite a task to dry in a hurry; therefore, plenty of time is required for the mold and mildew to grow, particularly given that the flood took place in a hot and humid location.

Turn it on and take off on a ride: Finally, you can turn the car on and inspect every electrical system possible, ensure that you inspect the exterior and the interior lights as well, the gauges, the audio system and the clock, the dash lights that are responsible for displaying air bag and seat belt information.

The Part that Needs Aid for Your Motor’s Mechanical Components

Get some help from other sources like your technician, to help keep your motor’s mechanical components from flood damage.

New or mismatched interior mechanical components: Inspection should be carried out. Does the carpeting look brand new to you and your technician, maybe too new for the vehicle? Can you two notice it has been mismatched? Is the compatibility or matching between the seat covers and the carpeting? If this is the case plus other mismatching of mechanical components as your technician can deduce, then it might have been changed in a hurry after the vehicle was out of the flood waters.

Get a vehicle history report: This history can be gotten from carfax. Enter the vehicle VIN number in order to get the cars history report. Carfax is renowned for doing a great job in researching a vehicle’s background; however, it does not mean that the car or truck has not suffered any water damage, because a clean slate is not a 100% assurance.  You have to go ahead and look for signs which point out that the car has been recently tiled in multiple states, this can be like salvaged or totaled, through shuffling it into and out of the area that the damage has disclosure is different or does not exist.

Let your mechanic examine the motor vehicle: ake the car or call your technician whom you trust and ask the car to be done thorough examination. In this an experienced auto technician is able to see evidence of the flood damage more often than most individuals can, for they know precisely what to look for. If the vehicle in question still has a new car warranty then the warranty is void if your dealer finds evidence of any damages caused by flood, even if the damage is not listed down on the title.

In conclusion quickly walk away if you suspect that the car or the truck has been involved in a flood, even though it may appear to be a good deal. In any way, the cash saved on its purchase price will soon fade away when the race to change and replace the components starts. Components that fail and are not even covered for by a new car or extended warranty. Don’t take chances, instead, get a motor vehicle whose mechanical components and the rest are dependable and thus Mechanical Components.


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