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Applied Computer Science

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The Applied Computer Science major  is  designed  to  prepare  students  in  the  following  core  areas; programming  fundamentals the object-oriented,  event  driven and algorithms;  information  management which include database  systems,  data  modeling,  data  warehousing, relational  databases and query  languages. Applied computer science also prepare the learner in   software  engineering this is software  requirements  and  design,  software  process and software project management also operating systems, Net-Centric Computing that consist of internet  programming,  networks,  security. Human computer interaction also known as graphic user interface (GUI) design, programming and intelligent Systems prepare the student for the career job. Engineering in Kenya has more articles.

Applied Computer Science is a graduate degree course in the discipline of dealing with the art or science of applying scientific computer knowledge to practical problems.New opportunities and challenges keep emerging the applied computer science discipline as Information and Communication Technology (ICT) continues to change, although is a relatively new has found new areas of application. To meet the current demand of specialists in Information and Communication Technology (ICT)  area it has made it necessary to train adequate professionals, which will allow us keep in pace with the rest of the world such as applied computer scientist.

Through the training of applied computer science personnel, various challenges have being addressed. These include the need for a dynamic curriculum that quickly adopts new technology, incorporation of all needs for Applied Computer Science graduate within reasonable time. Also, coping with the current fast growing technological trends among other challenges and the current demand for qualified Applied Computer Science and information and communication technology (ICT) professionals has led to the emergence of this applied computer science degree course in institution.

Applied computer science course program has been proposed with the intention of making the program competitive while maintaining high standards. With the Courses offered in applied computer science, the graduates become highly competitive in the job market and at the same time prepare them in becoming independent in making choices of career and self employment. Students are trained not only in the technical areas of specialization but also in personal development, communication skills and entrepreneurship while learning applied computer science.

Aim of Learning Applied Computer Science

Applied Computer Science Applied Computer ScienceThe primary aim of the Applied Computer Science course is to provide general Computer Science Courses required in other disciplines. It is intended that upon completion of the program the graduate should:

  • Be able to develop written communication , analytical thinking, and oral skills, software design and development skills by blending theoretical and practical aspects of Computing and Information Systems.
  • Be able to  apply and identify hardware engineering and software engineering tools effectively;
  • Have acquired adequate skills, ability to design and implement suitable computer applications, both software and hardware, and advice on such applications;
  • Be enhanced with tools  to pursue postgraduate studies in applied computer science; and
  • Have attained academic competence in computer science to function as a productive member of his/her profession as an applied computer scientist.

Skills Attained in Learning Applied Computer Science

Upon completion of applied computer science program, graduates will be able to design applications programs in an object-oriented language using a variety of dynamic, demonstrate object-oriented design techniques utilizing encapsulation, abstraction, inheritance, and reusability and static data structures and design digital circuitry. A graduate also with the applied computer science course are able to utilize multitasking, pre-emptive scheduling, time sharing operating system concepts and associated communications, networking, and security issues, design and implement a relational database with supporting applications, demonstrate multi-user database processing on local area networks LANs in client-server systems and utilize computer software applications used in engineering such as spreadsheets, word processing, and basic programming among other skills obtained in learning applied computer science.

Role of Applied Computer Science in the Society

The applied computer science has being known now to produce competent professional in the field of information and communication technology (ICT), information technology (IT), networking and computing. At the same time, computers are often far more efficient than humans in performing many tasks, therefore, economic incentives to replace humans with computerized devices are very high, indeed, in the industrialized world many workers already have been replaced by computerized devices such as bank tellers, auto workers, telephone operators, typists, graphic artists, security guards, assembly line workers, and on and on which require the skills of applied computer science personnel.

In addition due to the impact of applied computer science knowledge, even professionals like medical doctors, lawyers, teachers, accountants and psychologists are finding that computers can perform many of their traditional professional duties quite effectively. Even when a job is not eliminated by computers, it can be radically altered for example, airline pilots still sit at the controls of commercial airplanes; but during much of a flight the pilot simply watches as a computer flies the plane due to the contribution of the applied computer science.imilarly applied computer science has affected our ethics and culture, for example those who prepare food in restaurants or make products in factories may still have jobs; but often they simply push buttons and watch as computerized devices actually perform the needed tasks. Due to the development of information and communication technology (ICT) through applied computer science, the tradition method of communication have been dropped and the community adopted the new technology and method of communication such as mobile phone handset, messaging service such as email which is faster and more convenient, is another impact of the applied computer science.

Also there is the global cyber business, which is the conducting international business transactions, that is a result of applied computer science through internet and networking. Ideally, in every social field, in the education sector, medicine sector, socialization in the community and the economy at large there has been fundamental contribution by applied computer science.