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Associate of Applied Computer Science

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Associate of Applied Computer Science

The certificate of Applied Computer Science is a perfect companion to students in other degree programs. Because it meets the needs of students with an undergraduate degree in fields outside Computer Science to gain significant experience with today’s technologies, as well as the background to understand and to contribute to the creation of new technologies.

For current students, the Certificate supplements and enhances a primary degree program. Like, broadminded arts students can earn a certificate of Applied Computer Science without adding time or credit hours to their degree process. Engineering in Kenya will give you more insight. you could gather more information in Kenya Engineering

Applied Computer Science Option and Objectives

Applied Computer Science 300x185 Associate of Applied Computer Science Incoming students are able to choose one of the different options, all of which lead to the Applied Computer Science degree:


-Applied Computer Science

-Computer Systems

-Information Systems


Depth; if you graduate will be able to identify, formulate, analyze, and solve computing problems by applying fundamental and advanced mathematical and computer science knowledge and skills.

Breadth; former students will demonstrate a broad understanding at both system and component levels through realistic computing experience. These will comprise existing issues, influences, and trends needed to understand the impact of computing solutions in global and societal contexts.

Professionalism; you able to prepare for the complexity of modern work environments, graduates will have established a foundation of responsible teamwork as well as clear communication skills.

Trouble-shooting; Through genuine software engineering experiences in the curriculum, graduates will be able to incorporate their knowledge and skills to solve real world problems. They will be capable of insight and judgment, based on experience in debugging and testing, as well as designs to meet quality, reliability and performance constraints.

Community; Graduates you will emerge as part of a professional and educational community, providing support for their own professional growth and development, as well as providing avenues for professional service in contributing to the growth and development of future computer scientists. Their group of people understanding will have included pre college, undergraduate, and graduate students, faculty, practicing computer scientists, and other professionals, providing avenues for building skills in mentoring, communication, and networking, as well as appreciation for diverse perspectives.

Innovation; A comprehensive Applied Computer Science education from meeting the first five objectives, providing a solid foundation for developing and applying intuition. In accumulation, the graduates’ student will understand the importance of innovation and how it emerges through the excitement of discovery and associated creativity.


 Achievement in Applied Computer Science

The main knowledge you will acquire;

Ability to compete and be successful in the local and global marketplace

Problem solving knowledge and skills that are applicable long term and are not technology specific

Understanding of fundamental Applied Computer Science principles

Expanded career opportunities

Earn the certificate and you will have established they have the necessary for entry level positions in information technology. These skills include the ability to solve complex problems, design and implement algorithms, apply computer science theory to practical problems, adapt to technological change, and program in at least two languages.

The associate in Applied Computer Science degree should prepare students to work in the fields of programming, systems analysis, system development and other information technology areas.

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