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The Concepts System and its Subsystem

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To understand the concept of the system and its subsystem it is  important to understand what a system is. A system is an orderly grouping of interdependent components linked together according to a plan to achieve a specific objective. A subsystem is a functional unit of a system with its own goal and which must interact with other subsystem to attain the overall system’s goal. In the concept of system and its subsystem, a system turns ideas, facts and principles into the things we want through the system and subsystem components such as skilled use of people, capital, tools, machines, materials, energy and time in the concept of system and its subsystem. Engineering in Kenya has more information.

The word component in system and its subsystem may refer to physical parts, tools, machines, people, departments for example, engine or wheels of a car, a desktop computer, managerial steps such as planning, organizing, directing and controlling or a subsystem in a multilevel structure. Each component has to do its share of work for the system to achieve the intended goal. The telephone system, computer system, transport system, education system, production system, business system, the system and its subsystem of government are examples of system and its subsystem.

Ideally in the system and subsystem, all systems are part of other systems which is systems that may contain within themselves subsystems. For example, at any point in time, you are part of a number of social systems such as education system, political system or the college system: -you are a subsystem within all these.  Further, there are subsystems at work within you such as the circulatory, respiratory or digestive systems are subsystems of any living organism. We can identify organizations or business systems as a total system with interrelated departments known as subsystems such as sales and marketing, production, personnel, customer orders using these concepts of system and subsystem.Engineering in Kenya has more information.

Characteristics of System and its Subsystem

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What Is Computational Science and Engineering?

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What Is Computational Science and Engineering?

Computational science and engineering is an emerging engineering discipline. To eliminate any confusion, this is not computer engineering nor is it related to making of computers.  Experts in this field are highly sought by companies especially when it comes to research and development. Engineering in Kenya will give you more insight. you could gather more information in Kenya Engineering

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If you want to be a guru in this field, then be well informed.  You can only be enrolled in the course at a masters or doctorate level.  You will be taught to use computer simulation techniques in areas of research and production. You will learn how to formulate more efficient methods of utilizing resources and managing costs to increase the efficiency of a company.

To be honest computational science and engineering is integral and vital to in our civilized society and it will be the future backbone of successful businesses and research breakthroughs. This field provides new methods to enter fields that are impossible using traditional engineering methods. This will boost technical research and development to new heights

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Top 5 Computer Engineering Colleges Ranking In the world

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Top 5 Computer Engineering Colleges Ranking In the world

Computer Engineering Colleges summary is dedicated to provide practical tips to the individual who is looking to acquire and accumulate certain knowledge. Computer engineering field has grown to lead the entire engineering sector as progressions in it has increased to such a great level that it’s a part of every industry.

Graduates in this course have marvelous escalation opportunities in various fields. Engineering in Kenya will give you more insight. you could gather more information in Kenya Engineering

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Computer Based Information System

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Over the years, the computer based information system has changed significantly resulting in several types of information systems to support decision making for the various types of managerial levels. These can be classified as either operations support system or management support system in computer based information system.

Type of Computer Based Information System

The operations support systems (OSS) computer based information system was developed in the 1950s to 1960s. It involved mainly processing business transactions, update corporate databases and accounts. In the operation support system type of computer based information system, the transaction processing systems record and process data resulting from daily business transactions. A transaction is a recorded event having to do with routine business activities such as production, distribution, sales and orders. Today, most organizations record their business transactions in a computer based information system. It is an operational level system and monitors status of internal operations and also provides raw materials information for other computer based information system. Examples of operation support system in types of computer based system include; transaction processing system (TPS), knowledge works system and office system

The transaction processing system has features that enable it to process information as computer based information system. These features include input in form of transaction for example data, bills, orders and output such as bills and paychecks. Since the transaction processing system deal with day-to-day matters, it is useful to lower managers in making operations decisions such as decide when to restock inventory where each department has its own transaction processing system of computer based information system. The transaction processing system has two basic ways to process transactions; the batch processing whereby the transaction data are accumulated over a period of time and processed periodically, and the real time or online processing where data are processed immediately after a transaction occurs the automated teller machines or commonly known as the ATMs is an example of real time processing in computer based information system.Engineering in Kenya has more information.

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Information Systems in Organizations

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In any organization, various types of Information System are applied in order to achieve the success of the organization.  It is therefore, important to look at an organization in terms of its departments, tasks, management levels and types of information required at each management level of the information system in an organization. Engineering in Kenya has more information.

Organization’s Departments in Information System

In all the organizations, information has to flow for successful management hence need for Information System in the department of the organization.  The purpose of any organization or business is to perform a service or deliver a product. For example, a non-profit organization such as a college delivers the service of educating students; an NGO may deliver food for famine victims, a profit-oriented organization may sell the services of fixing computers, banking services among other more. To this end, most of the business organizations are structured into four or five departments in the information system in organizations.

One of the department in information system in organization is the research and development which conducts the basic research and performs product development which include to develop, tests, and modifies new products or services created by researcher. Two is the productions that turn raw materials into finished products or delivers services and three is the marketing that oversees advertisement, promotion and sales. Accounting and Finance which pays bills, paychecks, and produces financial budget and forecasts financial performance and lastly is the human resources and personnel that hire employees, administration sick leave and retirement matters are the other department of information system found in organization. Each of the above departments has managers and employees who perform several functions in the organization of information in an information system in an organization.

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