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Challenges Addressed by Engineering Opportunities

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Engineering Opportunities usually address the challenges facing our globe. These challenges include inadequate and substandard health care, energy enhancement, transportation and climate change; lack of clean water, man induced natural disaster, environmental deterioration and pollution among numerous others. Therefore, mobilizing Engineering Opportunities to become more effective in delivering real beneficial services to our community is a crucial responsibility for the entire world.

The Engineering field is facing great challenges including those of attracting and retaining broader cross sections of our youth especially women. The concept of engineering can be traced from human history when our ancestors developed and designed tools required for their survival. It is from here that invention and innovation of tools have been developed and then transfer of technology into tools such as axes, hammer, lever, and so on. Engineering happens to be a discipline that interacts with technical, scientific and mathematical knowledge regarding the understanding, design, development and innovations of machines and systems for better and beneficial purposes. Engineering in Kenya has more articles.

Engineering Opportunities Challenges Addressed by Engineering Opportunities

Engineering Opportunities

Requirements for Engineering Opportunities

Engineers are people who are qualified to practice in engineering fields. They are usually licensed and designated as professional and chartered engineers. Engineering covers a broad scope of fields. This profession, just like many other professions is a vocational occupation based upon specialized education and rigorous training. Apart from education qualification, there are skills set aside which include design and drawing skills.

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Recent Engineering Opportunities comprise of computer aided drawing tools such as computer aided design and computer professional development and awareness. The main purpose of engineering studies it to develop a logical, practical problem solving strategies and approaches. This can be through motivational training to enhance the ability to perform, rapid understanding and social technical training and mentoring. Engineering qualification and professional registration with governing bodies in most countries can be grouped into three categories including engineering, engineering technologist and engineering technician. Different countries need a different number of people in each category.

Engineering Opportunities in Various Sectors

There are diverse and increasing scopes of Engineering Opportunities. They range from civil engineering, mechanical engineering, chemical engineering, electrical engineering and electronic engineering. The subjects are usually subdivided. Some of these engineering branches include; agricultural engineering which entails engineering applications in the sector of agriculture, such as machinery and bio-energy. Chemical engineering involves analysis and synthesis of materials from raw to use. Biochemical engineering and biotechnological processes are involved in large industrial scale. Other opportunities include civil engineering which covers quite a large scope ranging from design and construction of infrastructure to construction engineering, design, creation and management of constructed structures. Geo engineering defines the earth’s climate and prospects concerning global warming.

468x60 002 Challenges Addressed by Engineering Opportunities

Engineering Opportunities in Various Sectors Continued

Ocean engineering, municipal and public work engineering, earthquake engineering, transport engineering among many other of branches of engineering. There are Engineering Opportunities meant for environmental protection and water conservation. Fire protection engineering is involved primarily in protecting the environment   from fire and smoke. Genetic engineering is involved in biomolecular engineering. Others include industrial engineering, instrumentation maintenance and asset management engineering, mechanical engineering, sustainable engineering among numerous others. However, it is important to note that Engineering Opportunities have also been used in collaboration with other sciences to contribute to many disasters in the societies. For example, the increase in lethal weapons, global loss of wildlife through activities involving industrial fishing and industrial deforestation are some of Engineering Opportunities that have been misused.