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Computer Engineering Vs Computer Science Course

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Computer Engineering Vs Computer Science Course

The Computer Engineering Vs Computer Science is systematic studies of algorithmic methods, design and prototyping for representing and transforming information. This information in engineering and sciences include theory, design, implementation, application and efficiency. Engineering in Kenya will give you more insight. you also could gather more information in Kenya Engineering.This course have different branches as follow:
Computer Engineering
A Network: concerned with design and implementation of distributed computing environments, from local area networks to the World Wide Web.
Multimedia Computing: blending of data from text, speech, music, still image, video and other sources into a coherent data stream, and its effective management, coding-decoding and display.
VLSI Systems: involve the tools, properties and design of micro-miniaturized electronic devices (Very Large Scale Integrated circuits).
Reliable Computing and Advanced Architectures: considers how fault-tolerance can be built into hardware and software, methods for parallel computing, optical computing, and testing.
Computer science
Algorithms: study of effective and efficient procedures of solving problems on a computer.
Theory of computation: concerns the meaning and complexity of algorithms and the limits of what can be computed in principle.
Computer architecture theory and practical: this concerns the structure and functionality of computers and their implementation in terms of electronic technologies.
In Software systems: it studies of the structure and implementation of large programs which includes the study of programming languages and paradigms, programming environments, compilers, and operating systems.
The Artificial intelligence theory: concerns the computational understanding of what is commonly called intelligent behavior and the creation of artifacts that exhibit such behavior.

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Differences between Computer Engineering Vs Computer Science courses

Computer Engineering Vs Computer Science 300x185 Computer Engineering Vs Computer Science CourseComputer Engineering (CE)

Computer Engineering, which is also know as computer systems engineering, is a subject that studies areas of electrical engineering and computer science required to develop computer systems.
Normally, computer engineers usually go through training in electronic engineering, software design, including hardware-software integration as well, instead of only software engineering or electronic engineering.
Mostly these engineers are heavily involved in the aspects of hardware and software of computing, this goes deep towards the design of individual microprocessors, pc’s also know as personal computers, and also the super machines, but does not leave out circuit design.

Computer Science (CS)

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It also knows as computing science, is the theory that studies the foundations of information, computation and certainly of practical techniques for their management and usage in computer systems. It describes the theoretic study applied towards the algorithmic processes which creates, describes and transforms information. Computer science involves many fields such as computer graphics, properties of computational problems and others.

What you need to complete curriculum in Computer Engineering Vs Computer Science course

In Computer Engineering you need to do the following semesters;
1st year
1st semester on 16 credits 4: Introductory Calculus with Analytic Geometry
2nd semester on 16 credits 2: introduction to computing systems
2nd year
1st semester on 17 credits 3: digital circuits design
2nd semester on 15 credits 3: linear circuits’ theory
3rd year
1st semester on 16 credits 3: introduction to computer architecture
2nd semester on 16-17 credits 3: electronic design automation
4th year
Total credits for two semesters: 27-29 1; introduction to professional practice

Computer Science has following courses
Introduction to Computers with Software Applications
Introduction to Computer Science
The Internet and the World Wide Web
Computers, Robots and Minds: Introduction to Intelligent Computing
Topics in Introductory Computer Science
Discrete Structures
Data Structures and Algorithms I and II
Computer Engineering I
Computer Science Research
Programming Languages
Graphical User Interface Design and Implementation
Web Programming
Introduction to Computer Networks
Object-Oriented Analysis and Design
Theory of Computation
Topics in Computer Engineering
Software Engineering
Software Testing
Artificial Intelligence
Database Management Systems
Computer Graphics
Topics in Computer Science
Computer Science Project I
Computer Science Project II

Benefits of Computer Engineering Vs Computer Science

Computer scientists lend their expertise to envisioning and testing new technological advances to environmental, medical and personal computing fields while Engineers create and build new technologies, products and systems based on those advances.
Although, to learn Computer Engineering Vs Computer Science courses it hard, but earn a lot of.

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