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Computer Science Final Year Project

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Computer Science Final Year Project

Computer Science Final Year Project is a project that is done by a computer science candidate during his final year of study. It is one of the requirements for the candidate to graduate because it’s a practical test on what the he or she can do.

It is designed and then typed systematically in a sequence. Engineering in Kenya will give you more insight. you could gather more information in Kenya Engineering

Components of Computer Science Final Year Project

Computer Science Final Year Project 300x185 Computer Science Final Year ProjectThe following are the major components of a Computer Science Final Year Project. They are normally arranged in a standard sequence as follows;  cover page or title page, declaration by the candidate, certificate by the guide or supervisor, acknowledgement, abstract, table of contents, main project body, appendices and         list of references.

Details of components of Computer Science Final Year Project

The cover page or title page should clearly indicate the project title, institution name and location with regional centre number if any, candidate’s name, guide or supervisor’s name, month and year of submission.

The declaration by the candidate is where a candidate signs a declaration that his project is original and is not forged from somewhere. This is mandatory.

The Certificate by the guide or supervisor is to certify that the candidate consulted him or her all through the project.

In acknowledgement the candidate may appreciate some or all those who helped in the project preparation and progress on this leaf.

The abstract should give a brief summary of the report including the purpose of the project, methodology used, a summary to the major findings, conclusions and recommendations made

The table of contents is like the map to the project. It clearly indicates on which page of the project to find what.

The main project body is the core of the project. It should explain in detail the Computer Science Final Year Project. The main project body may be divided into three or four chapters giving suitable titles, the first probably being the introduction and the last conclusion.

The appendix is there to provide supplementary information which is included in the main body and may distract or cloud the central theme. It should be numbered in Arabic numerals like Appendix I, Appendix II, Appendix III, Appendix IV, and so on. Appendices should carry the work title in the project and the same referred to the contents page.

The list of references should be two spaces below the heading alphabetically arranged and left justified. The author’s name, for books, should be immediately followed by the year then other details.

Guidelines in Computer Science Final Year Project

There are guidelines to be followed which are suitable for Computer Science Final Year Project. The project theme should be current and based on the latest technology. The candidate must give the project synopsis to the supervisor so that the guide be assigned based on the topic before starting the project work. The Computer Science Final Year Project may be written to be between thirty or forty pages.

The project must be carefully typed observing a standard spacing, font style and font size for general text, subheading and headings and printed on A4 size papers.  Finally, the Computer Science Final Year Project should be given a neat finishing and submitted in two copies duly signed.