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Computer Science bachelor degree offered in the first four or so years in higher learning institutions. In computer science the degree involves random accessing of the computer science syllabus in the four year level or more depending with the university or college which determines the time one takes to study the program me. In the bachelors degree it involves the study of computational models, the scientific principles, Programming languages, computer networks, in the process of defining the areas in applied mathematics such as algebra, calculus, and discrete mathematics. Since computer science involves the study of computations in he field of engineering therefore its prerogative is to work in the field of engineering and thus scientific models. Engineering in Kenya has more articles.

What is computer science?

Computer Science Computer Science

Computer Science

Computer Science is the study of the theory, experimentation, and engineering that forms the basis for the design and use of computers. Computers are devices that automatically process information. Computer science traces its roots to the first proposed programmable mechanical calculator. Until the advent of electronic digital computers in the early 1940s and the transition from the analog transmissions, computer science was not generally distinguished as being separate from mathematics and engineering. Basically computer science has evolved and incorporated many disciplines from mathematics to ethics of computer science.

Why study Computer Science?

 Computer Science produces scientists who study and analyses the concept of computations in software designs, integrations and simulations. Scientists elaborate the understanding of molecular programming concepts in program development, network interfaces, software integrations and design. Computer Science has also improved technological aspect in the industrialization era by improving communication like in teleconferencing, video technology, and job relations .also has improved tactical military operations satellite surveillance technology

Branches of computer science

Computer Science is a discipline, it has numerous branches from mathematical concepts to simple planning of aspects such as  Algorithms in problem solving and data structures in the field of computer programming languages such as C++, C, Theory of computation  in data processing and representations and manipulations. Programming language is the sense of formal methods in the field of program coding from natural language to machine language. Concurrent parallel and distributed systems, with the essence of operating systems and database technology .which helps in the role of information retrieval and data storage and creation of engine capacities. Computer Science networks which involve the study and representation of layered network architectures.

Conclusion in Computer Science

Computer Science involves the concept of system development in the aspect of software development. A system analyst gathers information on user requirements in the development area. The study of Computer Science is necessary because the world has turned out to be computer oriented. However, there are many branches or field that one my want to specialize in the Computer Science.

In conclusion:

Computer science and engineering are related into each other in the sense that they both rely on the advancement of each other. In computer science the role played is to understand the science behind the development and design of specific mathematical models whereas in computer engineering it helps to implement what the science of computer science to plan and design the logical circuits for personal systems and economic dynamic systems. Thus computer science is relatively and widely incorporates both the engineering aspect and scientific principles