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Data on average motor mechanic pay

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Data on average motor mechanic pay
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Data on average motor mechanic pay

 The average monthly Motor Mechanic Wage for a motor vehicle mechanic in the United States of America is approximately $ 33,956. This report on pricing in the market was prepared with the help of compensation professionals that are certified. This was a close analysis of collected survey information from several departments of human resource from different sized employers, geographies and industries.

From the labor department of the United States, the average hourly wage for a motor mechanic was 17.03 $ in the year 2009. The centre 50% group had an hourly Motor Mechanic Wage ranging from $ 12.49 to 22.71. The automotive industry has a considerable range of Motor Mechanic Wage with the lowest paid ten percent of the motor mechanics receiving close to $ 9.54 per hour and the highest paid ten percent receiving up to 28.81 and above as an average hourly pay.

Factors affecting Motor Mechanic Wage

 female mecanics 300x152 Data on average motor mechanic payThere are several factors that influence the wage rates of auto mechanics globally. One of these factors is the professionalism of the given motor vehicle mechanic. Highly professional and experienced mechanics receive a higher Motor Mechanic Wage as compared to the new non experienced mechanics. These two categories of mechanics receive different rates of Motor Mechanic Wage even though they may be operating in the same work environment. The only difference is that the two groups attract different kinds of customers and perform different forms of duties depending on their professionalism and skills.

Another factor that affects the Motor Mechanic Wage is the region and place of operation. Motor mechanics operating in cities globally tend to receive higher Motor Mechanic Wage as compared to those working in rural areas. This is mainly because the cash flow in urban areas is normally higher than that of rural areas world wide. There are also many cars in the urban areas than in rural villages. This means that an urban mechanic receives more work at a better wage as compared to a rural mechanic and thus translating in to a variation in their Motor Mechanic Wage.

Another source of difference in wage is the working environment. Mechanics working in big organized companies tend to get higher Motor Mechanic Wage than those working in small out place garages. This is mainly because those who work in big companies have a great access to modern tools of work and hence they can perform a wide range of duties as compared to those who work in small garages. These kinds of mechanics also attract different forms of customers who pay differently even though they may be operating in the same geographical region.

Motor Mechanic Wage pay plans

Most of the motor vehicle mechanics are normally paid on a flat rate basis that s usually determined by the number of hours that they work for. On this basis, the Motor Mechanic Wage is determined on number of hours worked irrespective of what is done in those hours. This means that even if the motor mechanic works on a given task for more hours compared to the number of hours he or she should have actually used, he or she is paid according to the actual number of hours worked. Even though different employers may develop their own payment modes, the use of flat payment mode is very common in Motor Mechanic Wage determination.