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Definition of Mechanical Aptitude

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insp 2 300x250 Definition of Mechanical Aptitude

The term Mechanical Aptitude can be defined as follows. The term Mechanical relates to machinery or tools whilst aptitude refers to acquired ability. Therefore, Mechanical Aptitude refers to the ability to perform or operate mechanical applications. There are tests designed to perform a quick evaluation of an individual’s ability to learn, operate and practice maintenance activities. These tests are called Mechanical Aptitude tests.

The tests are not meant to evaluate specific knowledge and skills but to measure the potential ability to succeed in apprenticeship and trainees programs and maintenance jobs such as mechanics, industrial machinery mechanics, millwrights and tool setters. The aptitude tests are known to have a positive impact. The main objectives of the aptitude test are to evaluate Mechanical Aptitude, to reduce the job discrimination between genders and races. The test is highly correlated with evaluation of mechanical concepts knowledge. It for this reason, that it is often used during recruitment process and during the selection of candidates, who perform production and maintenance tasks. Engineering in Kenya has more articles.

Introduction to Mechanical Aptitude Tests

When developing the tests, great precaution is usually taken. The questions selected usually relate to daily activities carried out by the mechanical engineers. The tests are developed in a way that they are gender friendly. They cover the areas such as machinery used, science and physics questions, questions concerning safety measures in an industry and most importantly those that entails production and maintenance. The mechanical aptitude tests are the only short and user friendly, gender unbiased way of evaluating the potential of the mechanical engineer. In order  for the tests to be approved that they are standards required, it is encouraged that they undergo criterion validation processes for maintenance and processes involved in production The aptitude tests  has shown  to be significant predictor especially in rating managers and leadership success.

Mechanical Aptitude Definition of Mechanical Aptitude

Mechanical Aptitude

Examples of Mechanical Aptitude Tests

Examples of the Mechanical Aptitude Tests include WTMA (Wiesen Test of mechanical Aptitude) and Bennett test of mechanical aptitude. WTMA is a sixty question test used for mechanical evaluation processes. It is also used for recruitment and internship applicants. The test uses multiple choices format for its questions. The questions have three multiple choice. This test is said to be female gender friendly. Bennet aptitude test is designed in away that when one answers a question, the answer is used to complete the personality test. The scores are then interpreted using the Bennett Mechanical Aptitude tests comprehension defines. This test is said to have very high level of reliability. It has been used by psychologists and many mechanical industries to carry out personality evaluation.


Importance of Mechanical Aptitude Test

Mechanical Aptitude is the evaluation of basic mechanic ability. It is designed to test a person’s capability to visualize and comprehend the basic mechanical concepts and its spatial relationships. It also evaluates the common knowledge of mechanical tools and devices. The aptitude test is important especially when choosing employees to be recruited, deciding individuals to be promoted, refresher training for maintenance mechanics and production worker in an industry. The test is also done to all learning institutions, from junior to colleges. The test usually evaluates mechanical interrelationships, mechanical tools and devices, whereby an individual is provided with variety of tools and devices and is required to identify the name of the tool and it s function. The test also evaluates the spatial relations, this examines an individual ability to visualize and comprehend objects in space. Mechanical Aptitude is very important especially in manufacturing industries.

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