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Examples of Mechanical Engineering Firms

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Almost all existing firms in the whole  world can be grouped as Mechanical Engineering Firms. These firms includes the automotive  firms which are responsible in manufacturing fuel injection, suspension, engines, aircraft’s, high speed trains, clutches and electric vehicles, medicine, agriculture, and geotechnical, amongst many other firms.  The firms for mechanical engineers rely on the mechanical engineering consultants to retrieve advice and expertise from the energy technology; the biomedical engineering and manufacturing fields just to name a few. The Mechanical Engineering Firms are also involved in the management of resources, inventions and innovations. There are new technologies in these firms which actively participate in environmental control. This involves  the use of computerized machines and procedures to reduce pollution and use of new technologies to eradicate pollution completely. These firms range from single owned consultancies to multinational companies. Engineering in Kenya has more articles.

The scope of mechanical engineering firms takes two forms, first is the mechanical –electrical plumbing engineering. This covers the systems which design heating systems, the ventilation system and fire protection as well as air-conditioning (HVAC, projects). The other area is the private sector where engineers design products to be manufactured. This ranges from the concepts of prototyping to the manufacturing the product. Mechanical engineering design consultancy firms offer those services to the industries. Mechanical Engineering Firms work for a variety of entities. These include: schools and colleges, hospitals, architects, land and property developers, state agencies, municipalities and private sectors. Large mechanical engineering firms are responsible for the  major engineering projects which in turn hire smaller firms to perform the work. These projects include MEP, architectural, geotechnical, structural and environmental engineering firms.

468x60 002 Examples of Mechanical Engineering Firms

Mechanical Engineering Firms Examples of Mechanical Engineering Firms

Mechanical Engineering Firms

Working in the Mechanical Engineering Firms

In most Mechanical Engineering Firms job interviews, the interviewee is required to know  alot about mechanical concepts. These concepts help them identify the topics in question and answer them correctly.  The major requirement is completion of mechanical engineering course at levels as required by the job’s description. The education level credentials required are basic certificates, diplomas degrees and post graduate training. Other qualification requirements for engineering field include communication skills which are important because the engineers occasionally do network with other professions in various fields and colleagues.


468x60 002 Examples of Mechanical Engineering Firms

Working in the Mechanical Engineering Firms

The creativity skill to provide solutions to existing problems is also very essential. Patience is also an important factor especially during trial experiments. Strong leadership quality is also a requirement to provide support and develop high performance. Moreover, the  fundamental technical skills and basic mechanical devices operation knowledge are required to work with Mechanical Engineering Firms. With the swift technology advancement, computer literacy is also a requirement in today’s recruitment in these industries. However, licensing is not a very crucial aspect, although some firms may demand or opt to work with a licensed engineer.

Importance of internship in Mechanical Engineering Firms

It is a requirement for almost in all mechanical engineering universities for one to have a two month mechanical internships. Internships in these firms make one gain experience and skills necessary for your career launching. This program offers one the privilege to interact with senior professional thus understanding how to become a leader. The interns are usually expected to work under their supervisor. They are also required to learn a lot from people and their experience in the firm. For those interns who show attentiveness and perseverance, they are usually supported and nurtured by the engineers to grow in their professions. It is through these internships that one establishes their skills and talents. Mechanical Engineering Firms should develop contracts with engineering universities, for internship placement of their students

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