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How does HostGator Webhosting Services work for you?

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One of the most difficult decisions that most web developers face usually involve choosing the right web hosting company to suit their website needs, and HostGator Webhosting Services endeavors to make this problem a thing of the past. This problem mainly stems from the fact that it is not easy to determine whether the host that they have chosen has an oversold server. When deciding on either a smaller or a larger web hosting company, one is faced with the dilemma of the price schedule. Larger companies usually offer a slightly less price as compared to small web hosting companies; unfortunately the larger companies tend to oversell their services in a bid to keep the price down.

HostGator Webhosting Services How does HostGator Webhosting Services work for you?What makes HostGator Webhosting Services Different?

When searching for a web hosting service over the internet, many a times you will find Hostgator Web hosting Services featured in many reviews. A web host like Hostgator space on a server for use by clients as well as provides internet connectivity. A server refers to a specialized computer where web sites are stored and hosted so that they can be made available to the rest of the world. The clients simply upload content that they wish to use on their websites to a server which may either be dedicated or shared and which is maintained by an internet service provider to ensure that there always is fast internet. HostGator is a private web hosting company which operates from various facilities in Dallas, Texas. The web hosting company was founded in the year 2002 and currently hosts more than 400,000 websites. The company is also reputed to be the largest provider of reseller accounts in the whole world.

What packages are provided by Hostgator Webhosting Services provide?

There are different kinds of hosting services that are provided by Hostgator Web Hosting Services with a broad range of customers ranging from small private web users to large corporations. There are basically three groups of services offered by the company. The first group is the standard shared hosting plan which is suitable for the vast majority of people. The second group is the reseller hosting plans which is most suitable for businesses which provide their web hosting services to other clients. These services have become immensely popular since they give the resellers a right to rebrand the host name and keep 100% of the money collected from the web hosting company that they run. With these services you get to provide virtually unlimited domains, email accounts, sub domains, MySQL databases as well as FTP accounts. Forty five day money back guarantee as well as 99.9% uptime guarantee and private servers based on the client domain. The third group is the dedicated server which means that the client will not have to share it with anybody else, although it’s not widely popular since it’s quite costly.

Features of Shared HostGator Webhosting Services

To understand shared web hosting offered by HostGator Web Hosting Services, we may use the analogy of an Olympic swimming pool. As a client, you will be able to gain access to the pool, but unfortunately you will have to share the pool with other swimmers. If for example you want to use the dive board, you may find other people on the deck and you will have to wait in line behind them. The main advantage however is that there will be times when the pool has very few people and you will be able to do all that you want with the pool. The owners of the pool will surely have rules that you have to follow including such rules as no bringing too many of your friends to the pool. If you continually splash water around and cause disturbance to other users you may be asked to leave the pool. This also applies to web hosting where you are allowed to enjoy huge resources when there is no one else using the services, and you will also be susceptible to rules posted by the hosting company.

There are three plans that are offered by the shared hosting. First, there is hatchling which is an entry level plan that is priced at only $6.95 per month, baby which is by far the most popular plan since it suits the needs of a wide range of clients as well as the swamp plan which offers features similar to the baby plan but with a slightly larger bandwidth and is priced at $1495 per month.

There are very many features that make the baby plan attractive, they include: A large disk space, the disk space was increased from 5 GB to 100 GB, which is virtually impossible for most users to exhaust the large quantity of disk space; A bandwidth of 1000 GB per month, initially the bandwidth was 75 GB but the HostGator Web Hosting Services increased the bandwidth to 1000 GB to cater for increased cost of traffic to websites that has been witnessed recently in the internet. This is a particularly useful for websites since they won’t be charged any extra even if they go overboard when their sites are very busy; the baby plan also gives you an opportunity to get a free website builder which is known as they site studio website builder. The program allows users to build their websites from scratch even when the creator has no prior experience of creating websites. With the program you do not need any prior coding or programming experience and you will be able to access more than 500 templates including the color schemes.


There is much more than what has been written in this essay about the services offered by the company, from many reviews from the internet it is apparent that they are among the best web hosting companies in the internet.  The company offers performance, reliability and fast uptime uploads that make the business the better. The company also offers a host of services at a relatively low amount of money; you can get connected for as little as $6.95 per month for the hatchling plan and as little as $9.95 for the baby plan. The services offered by the company are also paid in a month to month basis as opposed to a contract and you are free to leave at any one time. The Hostgator Web Hosting Services offers exceptional services and is a good choice for a small budget. And thus HostGator Webhosting Services