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Introduction to Designing of Mechanical Products

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Designing of Mechanical Products is mainly done for commercial purposes. There are other factors that also facilitate the designing of the products, but all of them are centralized towards one major objective which is  profit maximization. The activities of designing emphasizes on making the product to be more unique, advancing its details and its complexity. The product is made in a way that it pleases the consumer starting from the installation process,the utilization of the item and in the  maintenance processes. Most of the companies explore the customer’s desires on a certain product, after understanding those unique requisites; a mechanical engineer is then given the responsibility of designing and manufacturing the product. Engineering in Kenya has more articles.

Designing of Mechanical Products Introduction to Designing of Mechanical Products

Designing of Mechanical Products

Phases in Designing of Mechanical Products

The Designing any Mechanical Products is a complicated process.  The process requires an engineer who has a high mechanical aptitude. He is required to conceptualize the models sketched and develop the product as exactly as it is required. They are also involved in styling and process of rendering the product. Modeling of the product is done using computerized aided programs to sketch 3D programs. Other processes involved include advanced surfacing, prototyping using rapid methods such as SLA, silicone tooling and vacuum casting and SLS. Injection and blow moulding and welding are also done where necessary.


Phases in Designing of Mechanical Products continued

The initial phase in designing is the most crucial stage. It takes up to seventy percent to eighty percent of the entire expenditure of product development cost. Product aspects such as quality, time and safety are considered stronger at this phase than all other later phases. However, the steps of Designing of Mechanical Products are very interactive. Beginning with the creativity and the  systematic calculations of dimension, the designer conducts optimization process and later manufacturing of the final product. Selection of the right materials is very important and should be of the correct dimensions. Designing requires creative thinking such that the item developed technically corresponds to the demand as of those expected by the state. The phase starts with planning, followed by the conception phase where one specifies their design principle. Preliminary design phase only provides the design specification. This stage still holds more on creativity because most of the work is usually developed verbally and theoretically, and only the drafts models of the work can be sketched. Detailed design phase consists the shaping and optimizing of the components parts as well building of prototypes. This stage is also the decision making time where the manufacturer gives the designer a go ahead. The ultimate phase is production of the expected Mechanical Products.

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Modern Tools for Designing of Mechanical Products

Most of the mechanical engineering industries especially in developed countries are using advanced technology to design their products, Examples of such tools included the computer aided engineering programs such as 2D and 3D computer aided design program (CAD). Advantages of these computerized designing methods are the ability to virtually assemble machines component, ability to visualize products exhaustively and the user friendly attribute, which makes mating interfaces and tolerances easy. These programs facilitate the designing process by lowering the cost of processing and increasing the designers’ performance. Other programs include the product life management tools (PLM) used to conduct analysis to determine the loads response and the fatigue life, finite element analysis (FEA), computational fluid dynamics (CFD) and (CAM). If the designer is to interact with other fields, then mechatronic multidisciplinary design optimization (MDO) is the best modern tool to be considered as a complement to other computer aided programs described above.  These tools facilitate production  and Designing of Mechanical Products.

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