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Introduction and List of Mechanical Concepts

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In order to understand information learnt in mechanical engineering, Mechanical Concepts provide a refresher background for the course. These concepts help one identify the topics that were somewhat challenging when encountered in class. Most of the engineering companies apply their in knowledge in deep Mechanical Concepts in all fields of engineering such as thermodynamics and fluid mechanics to resolve problems presented to them by the government or their clients. Engineering in Kenya has more articles.

Some of the concepts in mechanical engineering include: force, pressure and friction. This topic discusses the Newton’s laws of motion, forces concepts and the relation of force to friction and pressure. The concepts of linear, angular velocity, acceleration and their interaction related to engines and other transmission. Another important concept is work and energy, this topic usually forms the basis of understanding power. Differentiation of power and torque, and their interdependence also form an important mechanical concept. Mechanical engineering also requires one to be able to differentiate between stress and strain. They help one in getting acquainted with how forces and pressures do generate stress and determinants of stress concentration. Other mechanical concepts include determining metal fatigue, fretting corrosion, and important cause for parts failure. Predicting the duration of element bearings is very essential as it is usually very statistical and varies due to numerous factors. The basic concepts of understanding operation of belt services and performance considerations, the fundamentals of vibrations, torsion vibrations and transmission are also basic concepts for every mechanical engineer

Test of Mechanical Concepts

Their test is the evaluation of basic mechanic ability. It is designed to test a person’s capability to visualize and comprehend the basic mechanical concepts and its spatial relationships. It also evaluates the common knowledge of mechanical tools and devices. Mechanical concepts test is important especially when choosing employees to be recruited, deciding individuals to be promoted, refresher training for maintenance mechanics and production worker in an industry. The test is also done to all learning institutions, from junior to colleges. The test usually evaluates mechanical interrelationships, mechanical tools and devices, whereby an individual is provided with a variety of tools and devices and is required to identify the name of the tool and its function. The test also evaluates the spatial relations, this examines an individual ability to visualize and comprehend objects in space. Evaluation is very important especially in manufacturing industries.

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Importance of Mechanical Concepts in mechanical engineering

Mechanical concepts Introduction and List of Mechanical Concepts

Mechanical concepts

The Mechanical Engineering discipline is concerned mainly with the design and improvement of machines and other mechanical systems. These systems are of various kinds to include turbines, engines, aircrafts, vehicles, air conditioners and many manufacturing processes that make our daily life more comfortable. Mechanical Concepts help mechanical engineers offer their advice and expertise in the energy technology; biomedical engineering and manufacturing fields just to name a few. Mechanical engineering professions also entail being able to manage resources, make inventions and innovations.

Importance of Mechanical Concepts in Mechanical Engineering

The consultancy today ranges from various fields such as environmental control. This involves use of computerized machines and procedures to reduce pollution and use of new technologies to eradicate pollution completely. Most of Mechanical engineering consultants’ rarely work on small projects. They utilize the mechanical concepts they gained in school to work on multidisciplinary projects, through interaction with other specialists from other fields. These concepts have continued to advance new technologies thus improving the society’s quality of life. Mechanical concepts are also very important in designing mechanical projects. This article  has deals with Mechanical Concepts.


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