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Introduction to Mechanical Design Projects

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Mechanical design projects can be defined as projects through which mechanical engineers plan their products. It involves technical drawing which with models that have been computerized or hand drawn. These designs are well illustrated that they show all the dimensions required to manufacture products. The engineer who develops these mechanical designs is known as drafter or drafts man. Designing has been a two dimension for a long time but with the recent technology, there are programs  like computer aided design (CAD) that facilitate the designer to  create three dimensions. Mechanical design is practiced virtually in every engineering sub-discipline and by many other engineering and architectural branches. Engineering students are required to apply the engineering designs methodology, and are required to apply the analysis and synthesis to resolve the challenges provided by industrial sponsors. Mechanical design projects range from engineering fields to non-engineering fields. Engineering in Kenya has  more articles

Aspects of Mechanical Design Projects

Several features should be considered in developing complete projects. The steps include identifying the idea and concept, then all the requirements necessary to realize the concept are defined, relevant information about the mechanical design projects is gathered. The other phases are design, prototypes and completion of the project. To elaborate these factors, the designer must consider questions such as what do I want to improve? Why do I one want to improve it? For example, one may decide to develop a design which will lead to developing an engine that consumes less amount of diesel. To solve the problem, one should also consider the constraints related to the project, especially economics and financial analysis.

Aspects of Mechanical Design Projects continued

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 Introduction to Mechanical Design Projects

Mechanical Design Projects

Another important factor is the ability to manufacture the mechanical design. Energy consumption is also a crucial factor. Efficiency of the design should be put into consideration although it is not very necessary. But if the mechanical design project developed is about power plant, then efficiency must be put into consideration. Impedance matching is usually ignored in many mechanical designs and is equally important. Another important aspect of mechanical project design, one must research thoroughly about the project design. Conducting literature review is very important. This is because someone else might have faced a similar challenge and it is not necessary to reinvent an already developed wheel. Secondly, one must gather as much data as possible.

Data Collection in Mechanical Design Projects

The methods of gathering the data differ according to the project design. For example, one can measure weight , quantify items to be used, calculate the energy required, examine the existing systems of the design to be improved, enquire from many websites as possible among others. Once all the necessary data have been collected, as an engineer, the next step is to conduct calculations. All vital parameters must be considered in the calculations. Then simple models are made, and as the designs ideas get more sophisticated and improved, then final models can be drawn. It is also very essential to test the various hypotheses in the model regularly. More so, potential risks associated with component failure must be assessed. The failures can be of detrimental effect on people and the environment. This is especially when dealing with nuclear design projects. The assessments are crucial in improving the design to safe models. The last and most important aspect is testing of the solution. Testing should be done from data collection to implementation of the model. Testing usually reveals loop holes in the mechanical design project which should be solved. Detecting the deficiencies early enough makes it easier to fix them. Mechanical design projects is said to be complete when one can prove using the relevant data that the project is important and is functioning appropriately. This article has dealt with  Mechanical Design Projects

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