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Mechanical Apprenticeship

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Mechanical Apprenticeship refers to the system of training to produce a new generation of practitioners of a skill. Those who are being trained are known as apprentices. Most of the training is done while working for an employer, and in turn, helps the apprentices to learn their trade in exchange of labor they provide for the agreed period of time. Apprenticeship is actually encouraging graduate students to further their expertise practically in the real world. Engineering in Kenya has more articles.

Mechanical Apprenticeship Mechanical Apprenticeship

Mechanical Apprenticeship

What Mechanical Apprenticeship Entails

Apprenticeship training involves occupation that combines college courses with paid job training. Students work together with the qualified personnel. Exams are then given to evaluate their training. Students are expected to pass the training assessment to fully complete their workplace training.

Apprentices earn themselves certificate of qualification which acts as a ticket to enable them work for a higher pay. The apprenticeship can last for up to 5 years. Some requirements do vary, with some insisting that their apprentice must be of at least 16yrs old with education background of up to grade 12.

Mechanical Apprenticeship involves giving the students an expert and experienced journeyperson to mentor them in the field. The place should have enough and extensive lab and shop facilities.

To become an apprentice, an applicant should find an employer who is willing to train. Such jobs are rarely advertised and instead, employers attract applicants through the word of mouth. The applicant is required to apply directly to the employer, union or joint training committees.

Roles involved in Mechanical Apprenticeship

The roles of apprenticeship include designing, which is involved from aero planes buildings comes back to engineering. Sub categories aero planes, automotive among numerous others. Apprenticeship requires one to successfully complete the aptitude test. The duration varies ranging from 15 month program for 5 years.

Crafts Men work in quite a variety of industries and sectors. They work on a very complex plan and equipment to manufacture component parts. Their responsibilities include assembling and installing machinery and also to maintain them. In their responsibilities, precision and accuracy have a logical ad thorough approach work.

They need have an analytical mind when drawing and analyzing diagrams, diagnosis and fault find problems and also work with other colleagues this ensures that work has been carried out on a higher level of quality. Mechanical Apprenticeship enables the students to learn how to draw up plans for new ideas using Computer aided design (CAD), problem solving. They learn how to make new parts, installing, testing and adjuring instruments and other machinery operations make sure they are in a perfect state.

Benefits of Mechanical Apprenticeship

During the apprenticeship, the work to be done varies from one industry to another. Generally, the program is meant for training the apprentices on operating certain activities in various engineering areas. This involves anything ranging from assembling of parts, to installing various components. Advanced apprenticeship enables one to become either skilled crafts person or a technician.

All types of Mechanical Apprenticeship begin with learning issues concerning safety, communication of technical information and other practical tool identification. This field requires good IT/computer literacy, written and verbal communication skills and analytical mind. They are also trained to be ready to compete with other graduates or mechanical novices. These areas include communication skills which are very important because the designers have to network with other professions in various fields and colleagues.

Creativity- a skill required in order to provide solutions to existing problems. Patience is also an important factor especially during trial experiments. Strong leadership quality is also a requirement to provide support and develop high performance. Moreover, fundamental technical skills and basic mechanical devices operation knowledge are also taught during Mechanical Apprenticeship.


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