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Mechanical Car Services

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Mechanical Car Services are crucial for any car’s good condition. If your car uses up more oil than normal, but very little/ no smoke is exiting from your exhaust, then you may notice this symptom between oil changes;

  • You’ll notice that your car’s oil levels are becoming suspiciously low, and too quickly.
  • It has never happened before, and it doesn’t seem like your engine is consuming more oil than usual.
  • The more astonishing thing is that you can’t find even the smallest details of smoke in your exhaust. Engineering in Kenya has more articles.

    Mechanical Car Services Mechanical Car Services

    Mechanical Car Services

Common Mechanical Car Services

In Mechanical Car Services, if your vehicle is exhibiting these symptoms then;

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  • Your engine’s gasket seals or the gaskets themselves may be broken or badly damaged. Check your gaskets for any small signs of damage. Damaged gaskets always require changing, so if I were a car owner, I’d start looking around for replacement gaskets and seals. Make sure your gaskets and gasket seals meet your car’s requirements and specifications in Mechanical Car Services. To find out which seals and gaskets work best with your car, it is advisable to consult the owner’s manual. (This little tip is true for any replacement part one may be planning on installing in his/ her ride.)
  • You may have a damaged or malfunctioning pcv valve. The possible solution is to locate your pcv valve and look for any small signs of damage in Mechanical Car Services. Check to see if the component is really malfunctioning, and if it is, replace the part as soon as you possible.
  • The engine’s valve seals may not be working as superb as they should. Check your engine valve seals for any small signs of damage. Replace your valve seals if needed.


Other Possible Mechanical Car Services

In Mechanical Car Services, if your engine has a tendency to idle almost-immediately after running;

This situation shows a scenario wherein you have an engine that’s already “warm enough” but still has idle speeds that refuses to return to “normal”. In this situation, you really have to stomp on your brakes hard to prevent your car from surging or lurching forward.

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If this is a common scenario for you, then you might have;

  • An overheating engine. Check your engine’s operating temperature, is it way above normal? Noticing light smoke coming from under your hood? Pull over immediately and let your engine cool a bit before popping your hood open. After another quarter of an hour or so, have a look at your engine cooling system. If you can make it home, do so. Otherwise wait until your engine cools or call a tow truck. You’re going to have to inspect your engine cooling system for signs of damage in Mechanical Car Services. Inspect your radiator, radiator hoses, thermostat, and fan belt. Repair or replace damaged component/s if there are any.
  • Problems with your engine computer or computerized engine control system. Remember the  post on the DTC (diagnostic trouble code)? You’ll need a DTC reader to interpret the codes coming from your engine computer. Please  Look for a scan tool in case you don’t have one already and plug it into your engine computer. In case you don’t have one, there are some garages in come cases who would let you use their scan tools for a small price—some might even let you use a DTC reader for free, so long as you promise to come back to them for tune ups and repairs. Point is, get a reading. Don’t forget to test the circuits too. If there’s a part that needs repairing, leave it to the professionals. Unless of course, you’re confident that you can conduct all these repairs at home—you’ll need relatively expensive replacement equipment and tools for this though.
  • Worn carburetor or dying power circuit or accelerator pump. Inspect your carburetor and its nearby components for signs of damage. Make the necessary reparations and replacements if needed in Mechanical Car Services. You may have to replace your actual carburetor or its accelerator pump.
  • Low pressure coming from your fuel pressure regulator. While replacing a fuel pressure regulator should be generally left to professional mechanics, what you can do is inspect your regulator for signs of damage. You can do this by checking your fuel pressure using a great fuel pressure gauge in Mechanical Car Services.
  • Malfunctioning alternator. The alternator is the part of your vehicle that keeps your car’s battery in tiptop shape. Aside from keeping your battery charged, this auto unit also provides power to your vehicle’s numerous electrical units and accessories. Replace your alternator if needed in Mechanical Car Services.

Conclusion on Mechanical Car Services

Note to reader: This article comes in the wake of the road carnage that has hit the Kenyan roads. Accidents are apart from carelessness caused by mechanical problems. Frequent Mechanical Car Services are needed so as to reduce, if not eradicate accidents in Mechanical Car Services.