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Mechanical Design Handbook

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The Mechanical Design Handbook is in a category of its own. It has been carefully written and edited. It suits the use of many specialties within the engineering field. It is one of those reference books every serious engineer should not miss on their shelves. The presentation of its content is carefully sifted, for purposes of relevance. This article sheds more light into why exactly this is the best textbook worth buying. Before going for another book, consider the Mechanical Design Handbook, but after carefully reading this article. You will be glad you did. Engineering in Kenya has more articles.

Mechanical Design Handbook Mechanical Design Handbook

Mechanical Design Handbook

Authorship, Shipping and Pricing of Mechanical Design Handbook

This book has been authored by Harold A. Rothbert and edited by Harold A. Rothbart. At Amazon, the book goes at 164.99 dollars. Mechanical Design Handbook can also be obtained from other sellers, in either used or new form. The sellers include One Planet Books, International Books, quality 7, bordee book, stonebridgebookstore, anybookltduk, TAEM, qualideal, cdf 2002, woody – books, any_book , Park Place Products, Brookebooks, technobookshop, vana11 and Acfsales.  At Amazon, there are only three new copies of the book and about 16 used ones.  Amazon provides a two -day shipping, for free to students.

Book Description of the Mechanical Design Handbook

The book has been written to suit the needs of the engineering designer. It covers all aspects of mechanical design including practical standard table and classical analytic methods. In the Mechanical Design Handbook, there is emphasis on the main factors of dynamics, control and power to the design and analysis of mechanical elements, machines, servomechanisms, automation equipment and controls.

Furthermore, the Mechanical Design Handbook has all the data relating to function, speed, fabrication, stability, performance and reliability. The handbook has been cautiously woven together to be of benefit to the professional design engineer, both in the practical and theoretical sense.

Most customers that have used this book suggest that it is a very unique material. It covers what other mechanical handbooks have left out. This makes the book very useful both in class and in other areas such as consultancy.

Rothbart covers a wide scope of the subject matter and does not compromise on the depth or details that go alongside with it. In a bid to ensure that this is accomplished, the editors have carefully sieved out the content to ensure that only that which is relevant across most industries has been captured.  Every subject in the Mechanical Design Handbook is presented in a careful and thoughtful manner.

A serious engineer requires this book on their shelf as one of the main reference books. It is not only worth the price, but also a great resource for all those practising within the field of engineering.  Besides, the details in the book are articulated in a simple and easy way, making it easy to approximate complex systems both for structural characterization and vibe.

Product Details for the Mechanical Design Handbook

This text has up to 1472 pages in total, all typed and printed in English. It was published in November 1, 2005 by McGraw-Hill Publishing as a revised sub edition. The ISBN is given by: ISBN-10:  0070540381 and ISBN-13: 978-0070540385. The Mechanical Design Handbook has the following dimensions: 9.3 inches long, 6.2 inches wide and 2.4 inches high.  It has 3.6 pounds as shipping weight and has 5 stars for its customer review. As per the ranking of Amazon Best seller, it is number 396, 731 in books.  It would therefore be prudent for any practising engineer, consultant or student to purchase this Mechanical Design Handbook.