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Who is a Mechanical Draughtsman?

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An individual who makes technical drawings is called a Mechanical Draughtsman. They use developed standards to make mechanical drawings. Drawing is an art in which all kinds of objects on a plane surface are represented, and in a way that the description perfectly corresponds to the natural appearance of the real object. In other words, a drawing can be described as outlining objects correctly such that their taste is admired.

Mechanical drawings differ greatly with picturesque drawing. In picturesque drawing, there is freedom of hand and the outrageous sense of taste is required. In mechanical drawing, the Mechanical Draughtsman must depend principally on proper usage of the various instruments and also maintain a strict proportion of details of the object. This is required so that the scale used when drawing will coincide with the object to be constructed. A Mechanical Draughtsman is required to give a section, elevation and angular view of an object and other particulars which include general expression, perspective, light, and shade as much as it is necessary for the drawing.

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Mechanical Draughtsman Who is a Mechanical Draughtsman?

Mechanical Draughtsman

Requisite Materials for a Mechanical Draughtsman

 A drawing board of appropriate dimensions is the first requisite requirement for mechanical drawing. This is where he mounts his drawing paper. The drawing board should have a frame which resembles an ordinary picture frame. The frame should be substantial. It should be grooved on the inside. The frame and the panel should be made of the best quality wood which is well seasoned in a way that the wood will not warp or shrink. This is because the usefulness of the drawing board depends on the surface and the fitting of the plane and the frame.

468x60 002 Who is a Mechanical Draughtsman?

The panel and the frame are fixed tightly together using two cross bars from the back by a Mechanical Draughtsman. Mounting of drawing paper is simply done by damping it from the back until it lies without curling. Laying the damped side downwards facing the panel, all parts are made in such a way that they lie smoothly and evenly.

Requisite Materials for a Mechanical Draughtsman

Then, the frame is pressed down upon the panel. This ensures that the drawing paper is held firmly. The sides of the drawing board should be at right angles to each other in a way that the T square works effectively. T-square is used to draw parallel, horizontal and perpendicular lines.

Good drawing instruments are the next requisite requirement. These instruments will make the mechanical drawing to be accurate and presentable. It is therefore important for them to be accurately and well made. This will save the Mechanical Draughtsman from disappointments of worthless tools such as broken compasses, those of unequal legs, rickety joints or imperfectly divide scales and sectors. Such drawing tools could result to the error of mass. Therefore, the drawing tools should be purchased from an authorized dealer who owns stock of philosophical and mathematical accuracy.

 Requirements for a Mechanical Draughtsman Career

 This career utilizes graphics to pass information. The disciplines for draughtsman include engineering and architectural disciplines. The draughtsmen must have the ability to draw and design. They should have the ability to translate concepts from objects onto paper. This career requires great lengths of accuracy and manual dexterity.

To be a good draughtsman, one must have great patience because this work involves great detail. With the fast technology advancement, computer literacy would be of added advantage to the draughtsman. These skills will not only make him competitive in the dynamic market, but will also make him effective in the job performance. A Mechanical Draughtsman can be employed by the government and private institutions, or they can still establish their own businesses. And thus the article on A Mechanical Draughtsman