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What is Mechanical Engineering Research?

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Mechanical Engineering Research refers to studying of certain mechanical topic using models, computation and experimentation. The entire process involves use of design and development of products to be manufactured. There are some  factors that govern most of research, these includes, the researchers interests, background and preparations, the research environment and the field or topic the research will be conducted on as it influences the choice of supervisors. Availability of the resources and the facilities is also a factor to be considered. Sometimes, funding can be done by the university or an organization. Therefore, the researcher should strategically choose the areas of relevance. Engineering in Kenya has more articles.

468x60 002 What is Mechanical Engineering Research?
Mechanical Engineering Research What is Mechanical Engineering Research?

Mechanical Engineering Research

Steps to be Followed in conducting Mechanical Engineering Research

To start with, the researcher should identifies the topic that interests and poses challenge to them. The topic should be narrowed down as much as possible to ensure no areas have been sidelined. It is important to have a second opinion from your supervisor about the topic. This helps one to tackle the topics fit for them.  The subject chosen must be manageable. Topics that are too specific or have narrow range of resources should be avoided at all costs. The Mechanical Engineering Research topic can be from technology, healthcare, environmental science, energy technology, urban and environmental science, law and technology, safety analysis, human studies of technology, economic growth, history and preservation of technology. The research topic chosen should be discussed together with the supervisor.

468x60 002 What is Mechanical Engineering Research?

Steps to be Followed in conducting Mechanical Engineering Research continued


The supervisor acts as a quality assurance officer and is there to identify all the deficiencies in the research work and provide advice on how to fix them. Compiling literature review is also very important. This can be done through back ground information using the URLs and other relevant search engines. The websites used should be from educational, government and non- profit organization because these sites tends to have more reliable information. A thesis statement is then written down. The thesis is a researcher’s declaration of their belief. Thus, the major parts of your thesis statement will be supportive arguments to defend this belief. An outline is then drawn. The importance of an outline is that it helps one to carefully think through the topic and organizes the work in a logical flow. The outline should be tentative and consisting of introduction, body, and conclusion. Literature cited in the paper should be arranged alphabetically. The work must be proof read at all times. Examiners are irritated by typographical errors. The work must also be free from plagiarism. The Mechanical Engineering Research is then carried out and the findings are documented. Presentations are then made to the relevant authorities. The research finding can then be published in journals; however, this is not compulsory. Enough time and sacrifice should be dedicated to the project.

  Some of the challenges experienced during Mechanical Engineering Research

Some challenges experienced during research include poor engineering application orientation. In some cases, there are delays in acquisition of equipment required to conduct research. This may be due to delay in flights or offloading of the cargo at the docks. Other challenges include equipment malfunctions and mechanical failures. Poor experimental set up and lack of adequate literature review which would guide the researcher on the topic and how to evade challenges presented. Psychological issues such as internal conflicts with relevant authorities and the supervisors would bring about great challenge in achieving the Mechanical Engineering Research objectives.