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Mechanical Engineers Handbook

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Mechanical Engineers Handbook

Mechanical Engineers Handbook, Materials and Mechanical Design is the product of an experienced and high profiled author. It has been revised and updated to meet what other textbooks on the subject have omitted. It can be bought from Amazon and be shipped directly at no cost. It is one of Amazon’s best sellers and thus highly demanded by mechanical engineers, globally.

Various sections that address similar aspects of mechanical design have been placed together in its chapters. This article sheds more light on what should be known prior to placing an order for a copy of the same.  Discussed clearly in the article are authorship, pricing and shipping, the book content description and information regarding its product details.

Authorship, Pricing and Shipping information for Mechanical Engineers Handbook, Materials and Mechanical Design

Mechanical Engineers’ Handbook Copy 300x185 Mechanical Engineers HandbookThis is a unique book for mechanical engineers. It has been written by Myer Kutz. The author is the founder and president of a great organization: Myer Kutz Associates Inc. which is a consulting firm in charge of both publishing and information services. Myer Kutz is very experienced both in mechanical engineering and in authorship, having done several other works related to the subject.

Apart from writing Mechanical Engineers Handbook, Materials and Mechanical Design, he has several other books. They include: Applied Plastic’s Engineering Handbook: Processing and Materials (Plastics Design Library) (2011), Biomedical engineering and Design Handbook , Volumes I and II (2009), Handbook of Materials Selection (2002), Mechanical Engineer’s Handbook, four volume set (MECHANICAL ENGINEERING HANDBBOK SERIES, 2005), Environmentally Conscious Mechanical Design (Environmentally Conscious Engineering, Myer Kutz Series, 2007), Mechanical Engineers’ Handbook, Energy and Power ( 2007), Handbook of Transportation Engineering Volume II, 2e (McGraw-Hill Handbook, 2011), Handbook of Transportation Engineering Volume I, 2e (McGraw-Hill Handbook, 2011), Mechanical Engineers’ Handbook , Manufacturing and Management , Volume III (2005), Rockefeller Power (1975), and Environmentally Conscious Transportation (Environmentally Conscious Engineering, Myer Kutz series, 2008).

This shows that by the time Myer is writing Mechanical Engineers’ Handbook, Materials and Mechanical Design, he had done related works for many years, down the line. It is good to go through the work of an authority in a given subject. That is exactly what Myer Kutz is in mechanical engineering. Those who have gone through either of the above mentioned books that he has written won’t hesitate to go for this book.

This book costs 164.26 US dollars. It can be purchased online from Initially, it used to go for 185 US dollars. This shows that if you purchase it at its current price (164.26 US dollars), you save about 20.74 US dollars which is approximately 11% discount. If this book is shipped from Amazon using the Super Saver Shipping, it will be shipped freely. Before shipping, Amazon puts the book in a nice free gift wrap then delivers it to one’s destination. offers clients the possibility of shipping the item within one day, as long as it is ordered at check out.

Presently, there is only one copy of the book left in stock but there are more on the way. This shows the high demand that the textbook is on. There is also free shipping for students of mechanical engineering who should find this book relevant and useful in their course pursuits. This free shipping for those learning can be done within a period of two days.

Book Description information for Mechanical Engineers Handbook, Materials and Mechanical Design

This textbook is one of the best sellers on  Its latest form is the revised version whose format is user friendly. This handbook is accustomed to providing useful information in various areas of specialty in numerous industries and job duties in which most mechanical engineers work. This is a third edition of the textbook. It has been aggressively revised and thoroughly updated. Unlike other handbooks that focus on straight data, calculations and formula, Mechanical Engineers’ Handbook, Materials and Mechanical Design is different. It goes beyond this status quo to stress on real world examples, authoritative discussions and profound analyses while addressing more content and topics as compared to the editions that came earlier.

In the chapters of the book, mechanical design is partitioned into sections that have related information. The first part addresses ceramics, metals, smart materials, composites, and plastics. There is also specific information regarding the use of various materials and also the criteria that makes them appropriate for their use. The second part of the text addresses real life techniques of providing solutions to problems in real life. This entails virtual reality, non-destructive testing, Theory of Inventive Problem Solving (TRIZ), Computer Aided Design (CAD), and the Standard for the Exchange of Product Model Data (STEP).

Product Details for Mechanical Engineers Handbook, Materials and Mechanical Design

This textbook has a total of 1360 pages. It was published by Wiley as a third edition in the series. The date of publication for this edition was November 11, 2005. The entire book has been published in English language. The book’s ISBN number is: ISBN-10: 0471719854 and ISBN-13: 978 – 0471719854. The dimensions of the book are 9.3 inches in length, 7.7 inches wide and 2.8 inches high. Its shipping weight is 5.5 pounds. Among the list of Amazon’s best sellers, Mechanical Engineers’ Handbook, Materials and Mechanical Design it is ranked as position 586, 743. It is actually, one of the best sellers in mechanical engineering.

In conclusion, this book has been written by Myer Kutz who is an authority in the subject, having done several other books before. It can be purchased at a discount from Amazon and be shipped for free. The book is really on a high demand. It has gone beyond what the usual books on the subject usually address. It is extensive and provides useful information on practical examples, analyses and discussions. The information has been arranged coherently, in sections that address similar aspects. It is properly updated to cover the most required information for a mechanical engineer.  With all these in perspective, the book to order now from Amazon is none other than Mechanical Engineers Handbook, Materials and Mechanical Design.