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Mechanical Maintenance

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Mechanical Maintenance refers to all activities directed towards maintaining conducive working environment with fully functioning machines. These activities range from routine cleaning of the equipment, regular maintenance processes, and the annual servicing, repair and the maintenance of the machines. Engineering in Kenya has more articles.

Mechanical Maintenance Mechanical Maintenance

Mechanical Maintenance

Importance of Mechanical Maintenance

Mechanical preventive maintenance involves activities such as lubrication, regular cleaning, adjusting of parts, replacing of minor parts and all other activities that will lead to smooth running of the machine. This helps inn saving time wasted during impending breakdowns.

Advantages of such maintenance practices include the increased efficiency and speed of the equipment. Secondly Mechanical Maintenance saves the energy improving the life span of the equipment. It also prevents replacing of parts before the next scheduled maintenance or servicing time. Mechanic maintenance increases the productivity. This is because the machines work faster and few break downs in the middle of the work. This in turn increases the profit margins.

It saves the time wasted when the machines breaks down or requires much time to be repaired. Preventative maintenance costs much less that actual repairs and replacements. Preventive maintenance also reduces losing of date through breakdown. This is so especially for the equipment those are responsible for data storage such as computers. Lastly and the most important factor is the safety of the operator. Repairs ensure few accidental cases which could result to death.

Computerized Mechanical Maintenance

Mechanical Maintenance should be done regularly. Different machines usually require different maintenance procedures. These are dictated by the type of work the machines do. Other factors includes the interval of the machines, the preliminary signs present. These include the signs of wear and tear.

In order to carry out smooth production, maintenance related information should be given. The new technological Mechanical Maintenance process involves the computerized management system. There is a soft ware package that helps in successful planning and maintenance implementation. The software maximizes on the time, reduces the needs of repair and minimizes production cost ensuring effective production.

Some of the functions of the software include making of work orders, scheduled jobs, monitors the ongoing production and stores other important information about the computer. These include installation procedures, trouble shooting of the equipment and information concerning spare parts. It also records costs, equipment data, and warranty; purchase date, shipment information and other numerous information.

Review guidelines for Mechanical Maintenance

Research in the United States shows that most of the equipment failures are self induced. About 30% to 50% of these self induced equipment failures are due to inadequately qualified personnel. 20% to 30% are those who are skilled but choose not to follow the best mechanical preventive maintenance.

Another assessment conducted in state of Georgia indicated that about 90% of employees lacked basic concepts for mechanical maintenance. The mangers often overlook the potential cost savings when the proper mechanical repairs are done. Some still are in denial that Mechanical Maintenance has an impact on the performance of an organization. However, it has been demonstrated that reduction of self induced equipment failures result to increased production, raising the profits margin.

A good manager must seek a solution to solve the self induced equipment failures through vigilant recruitment. Several features should be considered in when conducting mechanical maintenance. The steps includes identifying the problems idea and concept, then all the requirements necessary to realize the concept  are defined, relevant information about  the  mechanical failure should be  gathered. The mechanical repair is then carried out. The new and old workforce should then be trained on proper procedure of maintain the equipment.

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Any maintenance decision reached should also be evaluated it’s the impact on the company’s performance. Maintenance strategy should also be developed. This strategy should incorporate maintenance management procedures, objectives and establishing the preventive maintenance procedures.

Lack of qualified maintenance and repairs personnel makes the junior staff to ignore maintenance procedures properly. The personnel also lack discipline and direction when performing preventive maintenance activities. Another reason could be lack of supportive management. Inadequately skilled staff is also another factor and lastly conflicts between the management and individuals in the mechanical maintenance department.

To overcome these challenges, one should write correct repair and maintenance procedures and be attached at specific computerized management system. Secondly, there should be orientation to the new staff and should be trained on proper tool management. The old employees should have refresher training on management of tools and equipment to minimize the mechanical failure incidences due to poor Mechanical Maintenance.

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