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Mobile Phone Carriers

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Mobile Phone Carriers Mobile Phone CarriersMobile phone carriers are communication devices that help mobile phones to receive or make telephone calls freely within a wide geographical area, but within the range of the serving private base station. These mobile phones are linked via mobile phone carriers through the radio link.

The radio link connects to a cellular network to access the public telephone network. The public telephone network is authorized and administered by mobile network operator. The mobile Network Operators or mobile phone carriers controls the mobile phones within their network. Mobile-phones are also called hand phones, cell phones or cellular phones.

The work of  mobile network operator

the mobile network operator are the telephone companies that provides the mobile users with their services. The mobile users chooses the mobile network operator of choice by inserting her SIM card into his mobile phone handset in order to freely get her services.

The mobile operators can be classified into two; MNO (Mobile Network Operator) & MVNO(Mobile Virtual Network Operator). MNO acts like the manufacturer whereby they owns the network and spectrum assets required to maintain and run the mobile services, while MVNO buys at wholesale services from MNO, does the advertisement and delivers the services to the consumers at retail price.

Top Mobile Phone Carriers

The largest Mobile Phone Carriers in the world is The China Mobile followed by Vodafone of the United Kingdom. China Mobile has over five hundred million mobile-phone subscribers. Its over fifty MVNOs has above ten million subscribers each and another 150 MVNOs has above one million subscribers each.

The vodafone has over 390 million subscribers. It has its headquarters in London (UK) and generates the worlds highest revenue in the telecommunications companies field. Other top Mobile Carriers in UK includes Three and Everything everywhere.

In Africa various mobile network operators provides services to the various countries. The mobile penetration is still growing. Libya having the highest penetration rated at 169% within a subscribers population estimate of above six million and Eritrea having the lowest penetration rate of 3.4% within a subscribers population estimate of above five million. Eritria’s subscribers are served by Eritel while Libya’s 2.3 million subscribers are served by Libyana and Al Madar Mobile Phone Cariers.

Mobile Phone Carriers in Kenya

Kenya has over 22 million mobile-phone subscribers and its penetration rate is above 55%. The Mobile Phone Carriers Serving Kenya Includes Safaricom, Airtel, Orange and Yu ranked from the highest to the lowest in terms of mobile phone service subscribers.

Safaricom was introduced in Kenya in the year 1999. it was the first mobile service provider to provide GSM mobile services in Kenya. Currently, it has the highest market share of above 70% in the mobile phone industry. Its main shareholders are vodafone Kenya.

Airtel was initially known as Kencel, later it was branded Celtel, and then Zain. Today its brand name is Airtel after being bought by Bharti in March 2010. Airtel is known in Kenya to introducing cost reduction program.

Orange initially Telkom Kenya, had to restructure its staffing by 2007. by 2009 it had about 700 thousand subscribers which was 110% increase.

Yu has also the title Essar Telecom Kenya. It was licensed in 2003 but it got engaged in several court cases including non payment of license fee and disputes of shareholders hence the delay until 2008 when it surfaced. Due to these cases the name  Essar Telecom Kenya was tarnished and now it operates under the brand name Yu.

Development of Mobile Phone Carriers in Kenya

Safaricom, Airtel and Orange are offering 3G services to consumers with 3G enable handsets who enjoys a variety of multimedia services like MMS, e-mail communication and Internet access on their mobile phones. There is a competition in the prices due to the different Mobile Phone Carriers available  in the country.