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Who is a Mechanical Draughtsman?

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An individual who makes technical drawings is called a Mechanical Draughtsman. They use developed standards to make mechanical drawings. Drawing is an art in which all kinds of objects on a plane surface are represented, and in a way that the description perfectly corresponds to the natural appearance of the real object. In other words, a drawing can be described as outlining objects correctly such that their taste is admired.

Mechanical drawings differ greatly with picturesque drawing. In picturesque drawing, there is freedom of hand and the outrageous sense of taste is required. In mechanical drawing, the Mechanical Draughtsman must depend principally on proper usage of the various instruments and also maintain a strict proportion of details of the object. This is required so that the scale used when drawing will coincide with the object to be constructed. A Mechanical Draughtsman is required to give a section, elevation and angular view of an object and other particulars which include general expression, perspective, light, and shade as much as it is necessary for the drawing.

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Stiffness and Damping in Mechanical Design

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Stiffness and Damping in Mechanical Design is an exceptional reference book and textbook. It can be purchased from, at a very competitive price. It has a coherent presentation of facts that are just relevant to the field of mechanical design. It has been authored by Eugene I. Rivin who has broad experience in the subject, having written other books in the same field.  This article sheds more light on the authorship, pricing and shipping of the textbook, in the first section.

The second part gives a detailed overview of the book from the stand point of clients, who have used it before, as well as the editors and publisher. The third section covers the specific product information that a serious buyer should be acquainted with prior to making a decision to buy the Stiffness and Damping in Mechanical Design textbook. Engineering in Kenya has more articles.

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The Most Successful Computer Science Dissertation

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The Most Successful Computer Science Dissertation

Computer Science Dissertation is a document surrendered in support of the application for an academic degree. In some countries it is also referred to Thesis.our other articles in Engineering in Kenya will give you more insight. you could gather more information in Kenya Engineering

Are planning to write a degree dissertation in a trial area of computer science? Sometimes is difficult to write a dissertation because it needs someone who has writing skills for such documents. But this doesn’t mean that it is complicated. The good news is that, the following notes will help you write a successful Computer Science Dissertation.

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Mechanical Engineering Formulae

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There are many important Mechanical Engineering Formulae, considering the fact that physics as a subject is very wide and certain areas of physics draw connections from other areas of the same. The Formulas of Physics are categorized topically.


Generators in Electrical Engineering1 Mechanical Engineering Formulae

Generators in Electrical Engineering

has more articles.

Section A of Mechanical Engineering Formulae

Mechanical Engineering Formulae for power Power is work done per unit time. The unit of power in Mechanical Engineering Formulae is ‘watt’ or ‘horsepower’; 1 horsepower (hp) = 746 Watts

Power = work/ time; P = W/ t.

Since work is energy consumed over a certain distance, time is also a factor and thus power can also be defined with the confines of energy, i.e.

P = E/ t

Mechanical Engineering Formulae for work From the knowledge of the law of conservation of energy, it is obvious that energy is always conserved; it can be transformed thou.

The product of a force and the displacement from its original position is called work. If one is pushing a heavy block across a room, then the further one moves, the more the work one does in Mechanical Engineering Formulae.

I.e. work = force × distance moved

W = F × S

Energy on the other hand comes in many ways. Those that are discussed here are kinetic energy and potential energy. For normal kinetic energy;

Transitional kinetic energy = (mv2)/ 2

Rotational kinetic energy = (Iw 2)/ 2

For rotational kinetic energy in Mechanical Engineering Formulae, I is the moment of inertia of an object (it is easier to understand moment of inertia by considering it to be similar to mass in transitional kinetic energy) and w is the angular velocity of the object. For potential energy;

Gravitational potential energy = mgh, where g is the gravitational pull and h the height of the object from the ground in Mechanical Engineering Formulae.

Elastic potential energy = (k L2)/ 2, where k is spring constant and L the length of spring.

Section B in Formulas of Physics

Mechanical Engineering Formulae for circular motion

Given that V is the tangential velocity of an object, a is the centripetal acceleration, F is the centripetal force acting on the object, r is the radius of the circle of rotation and m the mass of the object;

a = V2 / r

F = ma = mV2/r

Mechanical Engineering Formulae for Gravitation

Kepler’s Laws
These laws in Mechanical Engineering Formulae major on the behavior of space i.e. their movements and are as follows: -

  • The orbit of any planet is elliptical and has the sun at one of its foci.
  • Each planet’s movement is in such a way that the imaginary line joining it and the sun sweeps out equal areas at equal periods.
  • The square of the period of revolution any planet about the sun is proportional to the cube of its mean distance from the sun in Mechanical Engineering Formulae.

Newton’s law of universal gravitation

Every particle in the universe attracts another with a force directly proportional to the product of their masses and inversely proportional to the square of their separation.                                                  Therefore, for Mechanical Engineering Formulae if F is the force, g is the acceleration due to gravity, G is the universal gravitational constant (6.67×10-11 N.m2/kg2), m is the mass and r is the distance between two objects, then;

F = (G m1 m2)/ r2

Acceleration due to gravity

Acceleration due to gravity differs with the position on the earth’s surface in Mechanical Engineering Formulae. Outside the earth, the acceleration due to gravity is the same as it would be if the entire mass of the earth were to be concentrated at its center. Given that the acceleration due to gravity is g’ at a radius r outside the earth, the earth’s radius being re and the acceleration due to gravity at the earth’s surface g;    g’ = (re2/ r2) × g
Inside the earth, the parameters are different. If r represents the radius of the point inside the earth, then;

g’ = (r/ r) × g

For the formulas above in Mechanical Engineering Formulae, the acceleration due to gravity g’ equals the acceleration due to gravity due to the earth’s surface g.

Conclusion on Mechanical Engineering Formulae

The above Mechanical Engineering Formulae are well derived and an important part of engineering.

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Boost your Income Potential with a Bachelor of Computer Science Online

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Boost your Income Potential with a Bachelor of Computer Science Online

Bachelor of Computer Science Online is effective, flexible and smart. Every program delivered online is developed by the same excellent ability. It is designed to engage students and professors in significant ways. Engineering in Kenya will give you more insight. you could gather more information in Kenya Engineering

Are you tired of inside classroom work?  Pursuing a Bachelor of Computer Science Online provides you with flexible and convenient options. The field of computer Science is highly viable and is changing rapidly to modern technology. In this regard, a computer science bachelor online program is the best choice one can make.

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Mechanic Pay

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Mechanic Pay is wages paid to mechanical practitioners such as mechanical draughts men, mechanics and mechanical engineers. Mechanical engineers work with all kinds of machines. Most of these machines do transmit, produce or use power to operate. Their work concerns all the mechanism and the methods or processes involved in converting natural energy in to practicable use. Engineering in Kenya has more articles.

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