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How Physical Therapy NJ Helped in Curbing Chordomas?

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insp 2 300x250 How Physical Therapy NJ Helped in Curbing Chordomas?

Physical Therapy NJ  How Physical Therapy NJ Helped in Curbing Chordomas?Physical Therapy NJ had to take a new form after there emerged numerous cases where people had Chordomas.

Chordomas can occur from the head to the tailbone. Actually, it can occur anywhere along the spine. Mostly, it is found in the clivus and sacrum or coccyx.

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Less frequently, it can occur in the lumbar vertebrae, cervical, and thoracic of the pine. Extremely rare cases of the complication can occur away from the spine in the ribs, legs and feet.

Brain tumors are Chordomas occurring in the head. However they do not exactly form from brain cells. The disease grows out of the bone but because of their location in the skull, they often compress, touch or invade nearby critical structures such as the Dura, nerves, arteries, and brainstem. In the lower spine it can displace and compress the bowls and rectum.

The Way Physical Therapy NJ Fought Different Types of Chordomas

There are three histological divisions of this disease. This is conventional or classic, Chordomas and chon droid. Chon droid chordomas is less aggressive than conventional chordomas, whereas dedifferentiated chordomas are further aggressive, grows faster and more likely to metastasize.

468x60 animated How Physical Therapy NJ Helped in Curbing Chordomas?

Chordomas are often mistaken with misdiagnosed as chondrosarcomas, and vice versa. Both types of tumor can arise in the same place and often look alike under a microscope which makes physical therapy NJ even more difficult.

Generally, chondrosarcomas tend to be more reactive to radiation and have a superior prognosis. Hence before going on with the treatment, it is important to get multiple views on the pathological diagnosis from knowledgeable pathologists who regularly see both types of tumors.

Physical Therapy NJ Chronicles on Incidence Demographics and Prevalence

In the United States, there are almost 300 new cases of chordoma diagnosed every year. Basing facts on this statistic, the annual incidence of chordoma is roughly one new case per million people per year.

The occurrence in Europe seems to be alike, but is unknown in the rest of the continents. This disease accounts for almost 3% of all bone tumors and around 20% of primary spinal tumors. Chordomas are the most frequent tumor of the cervical and sacrum.

With a mean survival of 7 years, the figure of people living with the disease is roughly 7 per million, or almost 2100 in the United States.

This disease occurs in people of all ages, not the infants not the elderly. The median age of analysis is 49 for skull base chordomas and 69 for sacral chordomas. Skull type occur more often in younger patients, while sacral are more common later in life.

Physical Therapy NJ Risk Factors

The disease is for the most part sporadic tumors: there aren`t any known causes or risk factors. Infrequently, families with multiple affected members have been forwarded to the authority, signifying that a predisposition for this disease can be inherited from blood relatives.

Additionally, physical Therapy NJ is characterized with tuberous sclerosis, and certain types of childhood brain tumors.