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Physics Investigatory Projects on Magnet as a Potential Source Energy

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Physics Investigatory Projects Physics Investigatory Projects on Magnet as a Potential Source EnergyThere many articles on physics investigatory projects, but this one must be a different one. In this article, I have investigated and enumerated facts on fossil fuels.

Fossil fuels are fuels created by usual resources such as anaerobic decomposition of buried dead organisms.

Organisms typically take millions of years to result into fossil fuels; same even exceed 650 million years to decompose to these fuels.

These fossil fuels include natural gas, petroleum and coal.  They usually contain high percentages of carbon.

Physics Investigatory Projects on Fossil Fuel Statistics

Energy Information Administration estimated that in 2007 main sources of energy included; natural gas 23.0%, coal 27.4% and petroleum 36.0%. This amounted to an 86.4% allocate for fossil fuels in primary energy use in the world.

In the same year, Non-fossil sources included nuclear 8.5%, hydroelectric 6.3% and others; (geothermal, solar, tide, wind, and wood, waste) adding up to 0.9 percent. In conclusion, the world energy consumption was growing up approximately 2.3% per year.

Fossil fuels take million of years to form; therefore they are non renewable resources. Their reserves are being exhausted quicker than new ones are being created. The manufacturing and use of fossil fuels alarm environmental concerns.

A worldwide association headed for the generation of other renewable energy is therefore under way to assist curbs increased energy requirements.

Physics Investigatory Projects Facts about Fossil Fuel Burning

Fossil fuel burning produces approximately 21.3 billion tones of carbon dioxide per year. Only half of the amount can be absorbed by natural processes. Therefore it goes without saying that there is an overall raise of 10.65 billion tones of atmospheric carbon dioxide per year.

Carbon dioxide is a harmful gas as it is one of the greenhouse gases that enhance radioactive forcing. It also contributes verily to global warming. This causes the normal surface temperature of the world to increase in return. Climate scientists believe and agree that these phenomena will cause great effects.

Despite there being various sources of renewable energy from natural resources such as geothermal heat, tides, rain, wind and sunlight, they are relatively expensive to fix in a common household.

Getting energy from magnet is a cost effective way to cut the effect of global warming caused by burning fossil fuel. It is factual that with ancient generators it would be impractical to make free power. This lead to the development of physics investigatory projects to come up with other options.

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Generators have to burn some kind of fuel like diesel or gas for them to function, but this isn’t the case in magnetic motor. Magnetism is plentiful and always there, which allows these devices to work indefinitely without any external energy contribution.

Physics investigatory projects Significance

By using this magnetic generator, one can practically get rid of the electric bill or at least lessen it significantly. Unlike other devices, magnetic generator doesn’t produce any noise. It doesn’t let any sort of damaging pollutants to reach the atmosphere and it’s also absolutely Eco-friendly.

468x60 animated Physics Investigatory Projects on Magnet as a Potential Source Energy

The device can work on any condition and it is the ultimatum of this seasons physics investigatory projects.

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