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College Physics by Serway

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The College Physics by Serway is a text learning book that aims to make physics much easier to understand.  This book also aims to give students a clear and logistical way for them to grasps the aspects of physics, with relevant examples from the real world. The main objective of College Physics by Serway is to help students understand principles and practical ways to assert physics theories in the world around them. Engineering in Kenya has more articles.

College Physics by Serway College Physics by Serway

College Physics by Serway

Authorship and Price of College Physics by Serway

The book is written by Dr. Raymond A. Serway who is currently Emeritus Professor of Physics at James Madison University. He has co authored College Physics with Chris Vuille, an associate professor at Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University (ERAU), in Daytona Beach Florida.

With their combined experience, College Physics is packed with numerous gems for students to benefit from. They have years in experience to give out in the Publication.

College Physics by Serway can be purchased online, from Shipping is quite easy within the states in the US. The price for this book is currently at $191.8 but its list price was $247.85. You get to have savings over $55.

Amazon will ship and deliver your copy, safely when you place an order on the website. The latest edition is the Ninth edition. There are several changes that have been made to this edition and the book’s preliminary pages show what has been added. So if you still have an old edition of College Physics by Serway, you can get a revised one from

Details of College Physics by Serway

As said earlier, this book comes packed with several topics that will help students understand the intricate nature of physics. The text book covers six major points which are collated in Parts.

Part one deals with Mechanics which covers topics like motion, rotational motion and gravity, solids and fluids and many more topics that deal with motion.

The second part of the book College Physics by Serway undertakes the subject of Thermodynamics. This looks at properties of energy.

The third part deals with Vibration and Waves. This part would also incorporate the aspects of sound.

Part four goes on to expose the theories behind, Electricity and Magnetism. This will deal with electricity currents and their effects.

The fifth part deals with Light and Optics. This is the study of how light behaves and its application in terms of physics.

The last part incorporates the study of Modern Physics. This would include quantum physics, theory of relativity, nuclear physics, and nuclear energy and elementary particles.

For any astute student of physics, College Physics by Serway is not an option to miss.

Simple Review of College Physics by Serway

This book covers all the theories in physics in six parts. This makes it quite easy to find certain topics in physics. The book is written specifically for the college student to grasp and to capture crucial physics theories and to apply them.

College Physics by Serway has an easy to read layout. The book also provides a column where students can get more information. These information are found besides the margin under the heading “Tip”. This helps students summarize some important points in each part of the chapters.

The publishers have partnered with great websites that can give students examples of math problems and physics theories. These example sites also include video tutorials to aid learners. The sites are neatly written on the margins of the book.

College Physics by Serway also provides timely illustrations to bring out theories or math problems clearly. Any college student, who wants to grasp knowledge on important aspects of physics, must purchase College Physics by Serway