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Pure Physics

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Pure Physics is the science of matter and energy and their interactions; or basically the study of natural phenomena such as heat, light, sound, electricity, magnetism but not usually chemistry or biology. Pure physics underlies all other basic sciences and is the basis for much of technology because it is concerned with the most fundamental aspects of matter and energy as well as the laws that govern their interactions, the interactions which make the physical universe work.

Scientists in other fields use the knowledge discovered by physicists to guide them in the study of their respective disciplines.  Much of the technological equipment and techniques used by other scientists were originally developed by physicists, such as, x-rays, MRIs and other instruments used by medical doctors to safely study the human body and diagnose and treat diseases are as result of Pure Physics. Engineering in Kenya has more articles.

Pure Physics Pure Physics

Pure Physics

Pure Physics is everywhere as it describes the world around us, from explaining the workings and making possible the luxuries and conveniences inside our homes such as energy efficient heat pumps, cordless phones, microwave ovens, and CD players; to describing the motions of the galaxies in our universe.  Physicists in pure physics find answers to almost everything as their studies range from the tiniest particles of matter to the largest objects in our universe.

Their research has a range of applications which includes the computers that allow us to communicate with others across the globe, as well as the vehicles that allow us to traverse the globe faster, more safely, and more efficiently than would be possible without advances in pure physics.  Physicists of the future will move society even faster along the information superhighway and drive further progress in the area of transportation, as it is the responsibilities and duty, to make contributions to improving the quality of lives in many areas of the pure physics students of today who will.

History of Pure Physics

Knowledge of the historical background of Pure Physics is important to adequately understand natural phenomena and explain the applications of those phenomena in current technologies. Ever since Galileo, a famous Greek as it is known that most science discoveries started in the ancient Greek, physicists have been pure physics pioneers in research, results of which enhance our daily lives and their work enables our modern way of living by discovering and applying the way nature works.

Pure Physics research allows us to look forward to a future that holds even more exhilarating breakthroughs and advances, upon which society will thrive, a future that holds exciting opportunities for the physics students of today. Pure Physics is the key to many doors of opportunity that open up to challenging, meaningful, and rewarding careers in industry, government, academia, and the private sector.

The history of Pure Physics is intertwined with the history of astronomy in fact astronomy is a subject area belonging to the broader topic of physics. Historically science, which is concerns pure physics, has its root in people’s effort to understand and explain the world and the universe around of which they are part of whereby their interest were born of concerns and fear as well as curiosity. As matter of fact, as always the historian have the tendency always to go further back with the objective and believe that one cannot understand what happens at a certain time without understanding the pas so does it apply to pure physics.

Nature and Practice of Pure physics

A study of Pure Physics should enable students to participate in scientific activities and develop knowledge of the practice of physics. Students should develop knowledge of the provisional nature of pure physical explanations and the complex relationship between the existing physical views and the evidence supporting these process and methods of exploring, generating, testing and relating ideas. Also the stimulation provided by the technological advances and the constraints imposed on understanding in pure physics by the limitations of current technology that necessitates the development of the required technology and technological advances which have their background in pure physics.

From saving lives to saving our environment to promoting knowledge in other areas of science, physicists in pure physics are key players in our future. The study of pure physics relies on the understanding and application of a small number of basic laws and principles that govern the microscopic and macroscopic worlds. The study of pure physics provides students with an understanding of systems that is the basis of the development of technological applications. The interplay between technological and concepts and societal impacts is embodied in the history and philosophy of science and forms a continuum relating our past to our future in every aspect through Pure Physics.

The essence of Pure Physics science in general is the observation and exploration of the world around us with a view of indentifying some underlying order or pattern in what we find. Pure physics is that part of science which deals primarily with the inanimate world and which furthermore is concerned with trying to identifying principles.

In pure physics the work as a physicist, is to contribute to meeting the needs and the challenges of the future, to making things more simple and beneficial, and to furthering the understanding of the way the world works. Careers for physicists helps to explore the various career areas, presents one with real life experiences of physicists at work in these areas, allows one to examine their own interests and abilities with respect to your career goals, and provides one with additional information to assist with career planning in Pure Physics.

Significance of Pure Physics

Pure Physics is all around us and it is present in the minute world of the atom and in the vast universe. There is Pure Physics in our everyday life from the moment one arises to the time they go to sleep, the activities involve physics for example from when we cook our food, iron our clothes, wash the dishes, listen to the radio, or answer a telephone call, you make use of the principles of pure physics. In moving objects, trains and running automobiles  , flying kites and airplanes, zooming jet planes, and orbiting satellites there is pure physics. Pure physics is applied in the construction of roads, bridges, houses, buildings, boats, and ships.

Knowing the principles of Pure Physics enables us to comprehend, appreciate, and interact better with our environment such as the occurrence of lightning and thunder or a rainbow in the sky can be explained by the principles and laws of pure physics. Through learning and understanding the concept of Pure Physics we can understand why rain falls, why there is night and day, and why there is low tide and high tide.  Pure physics makes our lives more comfortable and enjoyable through the introduction of modern facilities in our homes such as refrigerators, washing machines, and floor polishers that make our work easier. Modern means of transportation, systems of communication, and advancement in medicine, agriculture, and industry are brought about by the application of the principles of Pure Physics.


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