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The Purpose of a Mechanical Workshop

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The Mechanical Workshop is a place where students gather to work on their project tasks. Design work and development are carried out using software. This then moves to the process of construction and manufacture. Most of the time, both staff and students are normally available in the workshop. The members of staff are present to guide the students who may need help on how to use some devices. They also ensure that there is safety when students are using the workshop devices. Engineering in Kenya has more articles.

Besides, such a workshop, most institutions have another workshop which provides materials and equipment relevant in other engineering fields. This prepares students in the manufacture and teaching process within those engineering disciplines. The projects that students undertake within the Mechanical Workshop are industrially motivated. This is due to the many connections that most schools have with the industry both at the national and regional level. Through such a mechanism, students are able to undertake commercial based projects as they utilize technology.

Mechanical Workshop The Purpose of a Mechanical Workshop

Mechanical Workshop

Fields of Study for Mechanical Workshop Groups

 The groups within this workshop may undertake study in a number of fields. One of these fields include the microwave activities. This entails being able to come up with mechanical devices which can be used in the making of the receiver systems of telescopes. Prior to engaging in the manufacturing process, the engineers within the workshop have to find out the ideal signal path within the mechanical devices. Software such as the Computer Aided Design guides them into drawing the path in there dimension. The mechanical engineers in the Mechanical Workshop then work together to find out the how the devices perform and other functional necessities to guide them into effective manufacturing process.

Fields of Study for Mechanical Workshop Groups Continued

After completion of the technical studies, the group then uses certain CAD software referred to as solid works to help them begin designing the devices. For purposes of quality in the process of designing these devices, the Mechanical Workshop works in conjunction with the department in charge of designing. Devices go through some technical procedures prior to their production. Some of the aspects that are verified here include: their cost of production, manufacturing precision, size and their functional performance. The workshop group starts off the production process after the validations have been properly done. Through technologies in mechanical engineering, the devices undergo the process of manufacturing, controlling and assembly.

Manufacture of Housings and Antennas in the Mechanical Workshop

This activity involves the process of developing housings for both electronic chips and IT modules. In this respect, there are a number of conventional based machines at the Mechanical Workshop that unique from the other machines within the workshop. The uniqueness of these machines is that they are digitally controlled. The group works in liaison with the subcontractors for several prototypes. Even though the activity is subsidiary, the mechanical group has the ability to be flexible enough in responding to being adaptive to the emerging demands.

The manufacture of the construction antenna is part of the roles of the mechanical group. The construction and designing of the fifteen meter antenna is one of the main activities that the group involves itself in. Besides, the group within the Mechanical Workshop collaborates with the observatory staff in the maintenance process and also helps in the optimization of the performance of the antenna. One example of the expertise that the workshop is proficient in includes making of aluminium panels. A machine that is numerically controlled is used in the milling of the antenna panels. There is then stress relieving of the antenna which helps to come up with a surface that is highly précised.

In conclusion, a Mechanical Workshop is a busy place where groups engage in both manufacturing and designing of several devices.

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