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Rutgers Physics Prestigious Prize

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Professor Eugenia Etkina 1 Rutgers Physics Prestigious PrizeThis season’s Rutgers physics prize went to no other than Professor Eugenia Etkina.

Among the fascinating things Professor Eugenia Etkina may perhaps put on a resume is the reality that she can exhibit Newton’s Laws of Motion on Rollerblades. Etkina was one of the creators of the Rutgers Physics Teaching Technology Resource website. She is so dedicated to escalating the enthusiasm of learning physics.

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Among other things, Rutgers Physics Teaching Technology Resource received the prize due to Web site’s innovative approach. This comprises the use of slow-motion video to assist students understand physics concepts through the presentation of everyday occurrences.

The Web site helps students grasp physics as it appears in real life. It also gives students a chance to flex their muscles as scientists, deciding what information is important, what can be overlooked, and how to describe for variability of natural phenomena.

Rutgers Physics online Science Prize

The Science award for Online Resources in Education was formed to point up the best online resources in science education. This website connotes a reproductive element adapted to expand conditions into something new.

Therefore these winning projects may be the beginning of important progress in science education, in spite of substantial challenges to educational originality.

Science publishes an editorial by every recipient of the award, which explains the appealing project.

All they want is to recognize innovators in science education. At the same time, this contest promotes those Web sites with the most potential to assist science students and teachers. This article publication of Science on each winning site will aid direct everyone to significant online resources, thereby promoting science literacy.

History of Rutgers Physics Prize Winner

Web site founder Etkina grew up in Moscow in a family of physicists. She had toyed with the idea of being a writer in his years of high school. But during the same years, she decided to be a physics teacher.

Even after high school completion he taught for almost 13 years in an educational system that physics was commissary in middle-school and high-school age for five years.

During all those teaching years, Etkina’s school principal encouraged her and her colleagues to provide situation for students to learn on their own rather than lecturing.

468x60 animated Rutgers Physics Prestigious Prize

Etkina`s Rutgers Physics Website Idea

Experimenting with this, she learned that if she could form assignments where the students built their own knowledge, then they would remember all they had learned. This was according to her fundamental theme I her diaries.

After shifting to the United States, she took a job in the physics department at Rutgers. Etkina quickly moved to the university’s Graduate School of Education. In no time, she had formed one of the biggest physics teacher grounding programs in the country.

She saw such programs as great, since only few physics teachers possessing even a small in physics and even less having taken a lone course in how to teach physics. This is when he developed her website which worn the Rutgers physics award.  All the best to professor.

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