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Software Engineering

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 Software Engineering  (SE) is a course principle which borrows from both the aspect of science and engineering i.e. from computer science to computer engineering as a profession is dedicated to Software Engineering, implementing, and modification of software so that it is of high quality, affordable, maintainable, and fast to build. As computer science has both the professional ethics since in the design of software of a particular program is solving a specific problem therefore the need of discipline hence ethics of Software Engineering. Engineering in Kenya has more articles.

Who is a software engineer in Software Engineering ?

Software Engineering person is a professional who studies the principles of science and its computational as a software expert who analyses, designs and tests software parts or blocks into the formation of a finished product. As computer science, software engineering also incorporates the aspects of many branches of both engineering and science in the development of software and maintenance and its integration in the role problem solving. Software Engineering is professionalism which can be taken for contract basis or self employment. As an engineer who applies the principles of Software Engineering to the design, development, testing, maintenance and evaluation of the software systems that make computers or anything containing software integration components in the production of highly quality software and embedded systems

Why study software engineering?

Software Engineering Software Engineering

Software Engineering

Software Engineering nowadays has changed the field of computer industrialization which has improved the communication industry, system development and has shown a new way of developing advanced human –computer interactions as in artificial intelligence and information processing. Software Engineering helps in the production of quality human interface software thus production of fast, reliable and easier software programs which makes and improves performance in the robotic systems.

Branches of Software Engineering

Software Engineering has sub- disciplines in the same field which helps the co-curriculum of software development, production to its understandability in integration, designing, testing analysis and maintenance. Like software requirements which illustrates the systematic approach to the analysis, collecting of user requirements to their wants and needs of the software or what does the software do? And can it satisfy the human needs in a large scale. Software Engineering design also incorporates the design of software, planning and building of software from specific programming techniques. Software testing: this illustrates the essence of verification whether the software is performing its required task of its creation. Software Engineering maintenance: maintenance and reengineering of software, that is, the application of Software Engineering in order to understand the tangible components of the program are up to date to enable functionality and performance to reduce the risks of errors and break down of systems. Also software engineering has applied mathematics which from the idea of science is the fundamental relationship with programming, such as software editing, elicitation, verification and development.

In conclusion in Software Engineering

Software Engineering is a branch of computer science in the design of software, analysis, testing, implementation and evaluation of the software to determine if it is feasible or affordable in the recommended situation. The science behind it illustrates the understanding of programming techniques, language and how to work them together to produce the desirable effect in the field. With the growing technology of computers every day, there is a need of Software Engineering.

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