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Workplace Communication

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Workplace Communication is a type of communication that has tips and advice that communicators look for when they are in workplace. Workplace Communication can be used to create awareness and they can also be used to change behavior where it is required for a long lasting change. Workplace Communication plays a very important role in a business or organization. Engineering in Kenya has more articles.

Importance of Workplace Communication

Workplace Communication help to minimize employee uncertainty and resistance, it also helps to gain employee cooperation and assistance. Good Workplace Communication can eliminate conflict between employees and their employers. It can also improve productivity even by a good percentage of about 20 % when utilized efficiently; good Workplace Communication can set efficiency in a production. It also reduces energy and expenditure by a good percentage. Each Workplace Communication must be simple, clear, and it must have objective and also a simple message or information. A good Workplace Communication can change the picture a company gives to its clients by adding a little creativity not caring the number of staff or employees one has. Having a good Workplace Communication is a way of putting up a trust among teams and making productivity to be better colleagues get to trust each other while they are working, it makes it easier to solve problems and issues when they arises.

Problems Associated with Poor Workplace Communication

Workplace Communication is a very important tool that every institution should ensure it has to its members and if it lacks then her members are likely to be disgruntled and they might lack the togetherness. Mostly people can miss the deadlines put across by the management. Most managers’ lack listening as they take that a person in the entire organization is under him/her and so they tend not to get a lot of good visions and objectives from the teams working under them. Poor Workplace Communication is big barrier to success of an organization. Many organization take Workplace Communication for granted and hence a breakdown in communication occurs which can lead to increased operating costs and reduced efficiency because of lack of understanding business plans and also lack of common idea. Workplace Communication is used by people using different communication style that are not known by the teams in an organization. Managers fail to give chance for questions, discussions and clarification of key issues. Use of bombastic works that people cannot understand is also a big problem that can fail Workplace Communication. This can also be brought by lack of people who can deliver the message, i.e. those that lack communication skills, presentation skills, or good group facilitation skills.

How to improve Workplace Communication

Workplace Communication Workplace Communication

Workplace Communication

Workplace Communication can be improved by first setting a vision that each employee is aware of, a well-defined goal to all teams, mission and vision well set by the management. All teams should be emphasized to work towards the goal and objectives, or the vision and ensure they attain the objective.  Secondly, Workplace Communication can be improved also by communicating most of the time, efficiently and to each member each time and in this case the medium doesn’t matter a lot. Messages should be clear and precise and they use understandable language and also they should not be ambiguous. Workplace Communication can also be improved by ensuring that all the updates are always given to all the team at all the times either through the e-mail fax or reports like memorandum of. This helps to ensure continuous progress. It is also advisable to use a channel that provides a feedback, like a telephone this helps to fight off ambiguity and also it makes the teams their own assumptions and goals

Conclusion on Workplace Communication

Workplace Communication that is good is what every organization should strive for all the time. It always makes teams to arrange their own expectations to be goals and aims. Such opportunities help to reduce the chances of wrong assumptions being established. They should be done earlier before any project to ensure accuracy while doing Workplace Communication.